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Red Sea–Dead Sea Water Conveyance path

Israel has recently sent a clear message to Jordan that the Red Sea–Dead Sea Water Conveyance, a.k.a. Two Seas Canal, will not be promoted as long as the Israeli embassy in Amman remains closed, Barak Ravid reported on Channel 10 News Monday night.


The Israeli diplomatic staff was expelled from Jordan over the incident back in July, when a Jordanian terrorist stabbed an Israeli security officer inside the Israeli embassy’s residence in Amman, before the guard reacted by shooting dead the attacker and the Jordanian landlord, who got caught in cross-fire trying to pull the terrorist off the guard.

Jordan demands a police investigation of the incident and said it would not permit the Israeli embassy to reopen until such an investigation has been launched.

The Red Sea–Dead Sea Conveyance will be pipeline that runs from the coastal city of Aqaba by the Red Sea to the Lisan area in the Dead Sea. It will provide potable water to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled territories, bring sea water to stabilize the Dead Sea’s shrinking water level and generate electricity to support the energy needs of the project. The project is going to be carried by Jordan, entirely in Jordanian territory, and will be financed—to the tune of about $10 billion—by the government of Jordan and international donors.



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