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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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In Public Prayer Morsi Appeals to Allah to ‘Deal with the Jews’ (Video)

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, during public prayer, asked Allah to kill all the Jews and all of their allies around the world.

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Kerry brings money for Morsi' 'promises' to carry out reforms, which he promised a year ago.

Kerry brings money for Morsi' 'promises' to carry out reforms, which he promised a year ago.
Photo Credit: MEMRI TV

Egypt’s Channel 1 broadcast a video of Egyptian Cleric Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour, Head of Religious Endowment of the Matrouh Governorate leading an Islamic prayer service attended by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, during which he asked Allah to kill all the Jews and all of their allies around the world.

Appearing earnest in prayer, Morsi sat cross-legged, eyes closed, open hands raised in front of him, listening and answering “amen” as Mansour led a large group of worshipers in the October 19 prayer.

Middle East media watchdog  Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated the clip of Mansour’s speech:

“Oh Allah, absolve us of our sins, strengthen us, and grant us victory over the infidels.  Oh Allah, deal with the Jews and their supporters.  Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder.  Oh Allah, demonstrate your might and greatness upon them.  Show us your omnipotence, oh Lord.”

Morsi’s visit to Egypt’s northwest was his first since ascending to the presidency.  Following the prayer, Morsi delivered a speech about Egyptian unity.

Morsi has said he will maintain Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.  Morsi’s new ambassador to Israel presented his credentials to President Shimon Peres last week, sending along a note which raised a firestorm of controversy in Egypt, due to the perceived warmth of its tone.  Morsi’s office confirmed the authenticity of the letter following the insistence of the Muslim Brotherhood that the letter was a “Zionist fabrication”.

“Great and good friend,” Morsi wrote in his letter to Peres, “being desirous of maintaining and strengthening the cordial relations which so happily exist between our two countries, I have selected Mr. Atef Mohamed Salem Sayed El Ahl to be our ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.” Morsi signed off in commonly-used diplomatic language with “highest esteem and consideration.”

In July, Morsi wrote his first letter to Peres saying “I am looking forward to exerting our best efforts to get the Middle East peace process back to its right track in order to achieve security and stability for all peoples of the region, including [the] Israeli people,” and added “It was with deep thanks that I received your congratulations on the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

Correction: Memri released an updated video with corrected translation. The new version says “Deal with the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder,” instead of “Destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder.”

Malkah Fleisher

About the Author: Malkah Fleisher is a graduate of Cardozo Law School in New York City. She is an editor/staff writer at JewishPress.com and co-hosts a weekly Israeli FM radio show. Malkah lives with her husband and two children on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. Charlie Hall says:

    What is it with the JP headlines? This is yet another example where it does not match the story. Morsi did not recite the prayer in question, someone else did!

  2. Can't you read Charlie,it says as his spiritual leader said this prayer he said amen! If he didn't believe this he wouldn't of been their. I know this goes against Obama's plan for a democratic,MB led middle east,is that why article upsets you? "Morsi sat cross-legged, eyes closed, open hands raised in front of him, listening and answering “amen” as Mansour led a large group of worshipers in the October 19 prayer'

  3. Charlie Hall says:

    Yes, I can read. the title is, "In Public Prayer Morsi Appeals to Allah to Destroy the Jews". And the article says Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour led the service. The title is not accurate.

    This does not make Morsi blameless at all, but why can't JP get its titles factually accurate?

  4. President Obama undermined the rule of Hosni Mubarek just like President Jimmy Carter undermined the Shah or Iran.

    The result are dedicated enemies of America, the West, and of course all Jews.

    for this alone you should vote for Romney and not Obama.

  5. and do you not think that saying Amen( the end of a prayer)
    right after the leader of the prayers asked for the destruction of
    Jews around the world is indicative of Morsi's true feelings.

    Most likely the prayers were cleared ahead of time and Morsi
    knew what the contents would be. If he disagreed he certainly
    did not stand up and ask for peace for all human beings.

    True the title was misleading.

  6. Yehuda Cohen says:

    Charlie Hall, if you're spending your time at Albert Einstein writing talkbacks instead of working, we're going to have to tell your boss. Only an Arab or Arab supporting leftists who hates Jews would do this and their employers who allow them to write hate letters to Jews during working hours are very much like them; so, there's no point in telling your boss anything at this point. BTW, the titles used in the JP are attention getting statement "bullets" not an excutive summary.

  7. Charlie Hall says:

    "True the title was misleading."

    And that was my complaint. I've complained about the MB for years and I don't trust Morsi any more than anyone else in the MB. This is unfortunately not the first time that a JP headline has been misleading; recently one implied that a prominent rabbi had made some highly objectionable comments but when you read the article you realized that the rabbi's intention was the opposite of what the headline had implied!

  8. Jenny Ahmed says:

    I hope this bastard is fried in a vat of pork grease!

  9. Charlie Hall When he sits their crossed legged palms up in front of his spiritual leader saying amen he is publicly endorsing the prayer being said,same as when my Rabbi or Cantor prays for me to Hashem and I say amen…Your nick picking is getting infantile! He doesn't act on it cause of the $$4 and not ready yet.

  10. Rozalyn Landisburg Of course he knew the purpose of the serman and prayers! It was a public display for the Arab street!

  11. Mark L. Shane says:

    what they say up front are bold faced ilies(to peres for example) but what they pray for is truth. Yet, They have attacked us 3 times in the last one hundred years-like pharoah, they are slow learners and fail to realize whom they are up against. A reminder: don't save up for dhimmi taxes because we wont have to pay them to stay alive. perhaps it will be the other way around next time(will tell).

  12. Robert Birdwell says:

    President Obama is a Muslim. A "crypto" Muslim on jihad against America and the west.

    Israel and Jews have had 1400 years experience with the insanity of Islam drinking their blood.

    What I can't figure out is why Israel doesn't realize it will have to go it alone against the homicidal psychopaths of Allah until Americans kick Obama the pretender out.

    You have the weaponry. Nuke Egypt and Saudi Arabia!

  13. Who created and invoked these walking incarnations of evil arround us? Aren't we unfaithful Jews responsible for that! It is written openly in the Torah! We are invoking trubles to come upon us. Don't blame Obamas, Ladens, stupid Mulah's, Morsi's 's 's 's 's…. We are blemish with our ignorance and unholy we do most of the time against HaShems will. There is only one way to avoid catastrophy – self correction. Otherways bye bye like 70 years ago… Lechaim!

  14. Rc Fowler says:

    We can see from a study of the Tanakh–that it is Egypt and Islam who will be destroyed!

  15. Rc Fowler says:

    He will receive far worse than that!

  16. Rc Fowler says:

    De facto president Obama is a Muslim, a Marxist and an anti-Semite!

  17. P.S. Who cares for their vain prayers (to nothingness)! We do that in our schuls, sinagouges all the time, exactely the same! Every day, every holliday… Come on people, don't be hipocrates!

  18. Rc Fowler says:


  19. Edward Lobel says:

    Jean Pierre Katz, you are just being foolish!

  20. Edward Lobel says:

    Rc Fowler – See Rc – there are some things we can agree on!

  21. Edward Lobel says:

    Robert Birdwell – are you a bird brain or just simply an idiot!
    President Obama is a christian! As for nuking egypt and saudi arabia, do you know which way the prevailing winds blow? You do not want fall our to rain down over Israel!

  22. Edward Lobel says:

    Rc Fowler – President Obama is a Christian, and as advised he is not a marxist! Just for your information he has appointed more Jews to top level white house positions than anyother president in the history of the U.S. and two of his chiefs of staff, the 2nd most powerful position in the white house were Jewish and one is orothodox! You do not appoint Jews to powerful positions if you are an anti semite!

  23. Wrong. Every Jew has the capability and power within himself (GOD – Godly soul- intelect) to correct him self and the whole entire world. Every non-jew also, nonetheless. So, where are the results!? It means that majority of people are enjoying their wickedness, using their free will to do wrong and evil, so we have what we have of world. We all have what we deserve. The possibility for change and improvement is always open thru free will, right at our hand. That is our test.

  24. beg your pardon but Obama is not a christian only when it suits him, he condones abortions and same sex marriages, for which Christ suffered and took the wrath of God for while on the cross, so how can you say he is a christian, we dont condone abortions or gay marriages.

  25. no no dont be down on yourself, it is negative thinking, but rememberr how the Lord G-d saved you when you were slaves in Egypt, say to yourself "the Lord is my strenght, and look to Him to guide you and your fellow Jews. shalom and G-d bless

  26. Rc Fowler so what makes you think you are not an evil person as the whole world lies in wickedness and you also need to repent and ask the Lord to open your heart to love your neighbour as yourself.

  27. So you could ask the Lord to write his laws on your heart, mind and soul, if when you come to Him with a lowly heart and contrite in spirit as it is to those whom the Lord G-d looks.

  28. beside there is only one G-d the Lord G-d of Israel whom Christ has made known to us gentiles. and put a love for the Israel and the Jews into our heart. shalom

  29. Edward Lobel he had no choice but to appoint them, but it is not so on his second term if he gets elected.

  30. Myriam Obadia says:

    What a nice peace-worshiping man this new Egyptian president is! Why would Israelis have any reservations about the Islamists and how they would treat the Jews were they not kept in check by the very strong leash of US $$$ gifted to them in exchange of not breaking "peace"?

  31. Edward Lobel says:

    Sorry Sientje but not all christians believe in what you believe in. Elected officials have a responsibiliy to represent all the people and not their own personal beliefs. Besides, I do not ever remember your g-d preaching about abortion or gay marriage!

  32. Edward Lobel says:

    Sientje Seinen President Obama appointed Jews to powerful positions because he had to but will drop them in his second term? When was the last time you spoke to the President and he told you this? Where do you get your information? If you make things up and speak them it just shows you are ignorant!

  33. Your happy with this as long as you can keep murdering your unborn babies?

  34. Charlie Hall says:

    An appropriate title would have been:

    "Islamic cleric calls for death of Jews, Morsi says 'Amen'."

    This is not nitpicking. The JP needs to improve its titles. Our side needs to be factual.

  35. Charlie Hall says:

    They guy who started the "Obama is a Muslim" lie is the notorious anti-Semitic perpetual candidate for public office Andy Martin. It is amazing that anything from such a source would be repeated on a Jewish site, especially since even Martin himself has admitted that the allegation is false!

  36. So true…worse,he invited the Muslim Brotherhood to run in the elections,telling the Egyptian Military that for a true democratic election they must allowed to run,not thinking that they were the only organised party at the time.

  37. Edward Lobel Yes he is,and his Spiritual mentor Rev Wright is a anti-Semitic racist,who damned America. Obama was married by him,had his daughters Christianed by him,attended his church for 20years….Rev Wright is simiular to Farrakan in philosophy cept Christian….

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