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After the indictment Sunday morning in the arson murder of three members of the Dawabsheh clan in the Duma village in Samaria, the victims’ family members are calling for the continuation of the intifada and for the killing of the murderers.

“We have to burn whoever burned my family,” said Mohammed Dawabsheh, father of Sa’ad Dawabsheh who was murdered with his wife Ra’ham and their baby boy Ali in the Duma village. After the identity of one of the Jewish suspects, Amiram Ben Oliel, 21, was made public, Mohammed stared at the suspect’s picture and waved his hand in contempt. “We don’t believe in the Israeli court,” he told NRG. “There’s no law and order in israel. It’s just one big show.”


Mohammed was sitting with his wife Sara in their home, near the house that was torched, and predicted the trial’s outcome: “They’ll probably say they’re insane, like they did about the killers of Mohammed Khadir [who was abused and torched to death by one Jewish adult and two minors in Jerusalem]. Nothing will happen, the Israeli justice and the State of Israel are backwards, and their decision will probably be to put them in jail for a few years and then let them go. Instead of killing them the way they killed my child and my grandson.”

The Dawabsheh patriatch encouraged the youths who commits acts of ramming and stabbing. “Only the intifada will avenge the blood of the Dawabsheh family. Let them continue to attack, out of faith in Allah. Only this way will we get our rights.”

“The Israeli court’s decision will not help us,” his wife, Sara, said. “It cannot be that Jews will put other Jews in jail. They’ll release them at once. And even if they put them in jail it’ll be in a five star facility. That’s not enough for us. We want justice.” Referring to the “hate wedding” video distributed by the Shabak, she said, “They’re happy they could burn a small child in his sleep. He couldn’t even defend himself. Really clever.”

The Shabak pointed out that Ben Oliel’s confession, which was extracted using torture and sleep deprivation for several weeks, is supported by circumstantial evidence and the reenactment of the crime which he did on December 19 in Duma. The Shabak is not convinced, however, that Ben Oliel really acted alone.



  1. boy, those arabs. they love death they're always enabling it looking for it. they're a deathcult. this is nonsense when they boohoo and claim their actions are revenge because of this arson. notice their egregious and heinous acts of murder of Jewish families and their children even babies in their cribs and car seats are totally forgotten. i do loathe them and i have no sympathy for them whatsoever. as for vengeance, if Israel avenged the acts against the Jews there would not be one arab alive. not one.

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