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Title: The Preparing for Pesach Companion: You really CAN make Pesach with a SMILE

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own personal helper in the sometimes ominous task of making Pesach? Your own friendly advice source and assistant guiding you each step of the way toward successful Pesach preparation?

Titles: And From There You Shall Seek and An Exalted Evening: A Passover Haggadah

Two new extraordinary Soloveitchik works made their debut recently at the Yeshiva University SOY Book Sale and at bookstores - and they are outstanding indeed.

Title: The One Minute Coach: Change Your Life One Minute at a Time

The curse of thinking in "victim" mode can be removed with the author's advice to forgive yourself for human errors (goodbye to a lingering, crippling sense of shame) so that your energies can be used productively.

Title: Redemption to Redemption: The VERY Deep & Intricate Connection Between the Holidays Purim...

Remember to breathe as you read Redemption to Redemption: The VERY Deep & Intricate Connection Between the Holidays Purim and Pesach. The enlightening ideas presented by author Rabbi Pinchas Winston will boggle your mind. They're the stuff of terrific discussions in any Jewish setting.

Title: Bircas Hachammah/Blessing Of The Sun

Of all the challenges to an author and publisher of a book of this genre, none may be as great as offering this brilliantly written, multi-discipline (mathematics, physics, astronomy, hashkafa and emunah) volume to a worldwide Jewish readership, comprised of different backgrounds, hashkafos and education.

Title: Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life

Using your gut feelings to figure out life and what you should do about it is the hallmark of Dr. Orloff's Intuitive Healing practice. The popular psychiatrist's newest book, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life teaches readers how to transform their self-sabotaging tendencies in order to become free to live, to love, to forgive and to progress.

Title: A Mitzva for Zelda

A heartwarming story about a fictional lady who knitskippot for oddly shaped cartoonish heads, A Mitzva for Zelda is a good book for young readers and little listeners. It can put smiles on every face as it teaches about reciprocity and the concept of gratitude.

Book Memorializes Murdered Eight

The eve of Rosh Chodesh Adar (this coming Monday) will mark one year since an Arab terrorist walked into Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem and murdered eight yeshiva students, ages 15-26. In the months following the attack people honored their memory in different ways. Some sought revenge; others sought spiritual succor in increased ritual observance.

Title: Lincoln President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Succession Winter 1860-1861

I've always been amazed at how historians pore over some old documents and books in some dusty basement storehouses, and yet are able to come up with a volume that's readable and enlightening - and even entertaining. Unfortunately, most of them aren't, but this is surely an exception.

Title: The Search Committee

"Members of the search committee You asked me to respond to three questions, and I will do so ... to avoid the appearance of being uncooperative. My husband, too, objects to your impertinence in summoning me Number one: do I want my husband to be rosh yeshiva?"

Title: To Be Israeli/Lihyot Yisraeli

Will the author's Hebrew-challenged husband become stuck on his hike in the Jerusalem hills? How did band practice go at her ulpan class, where everyone on the gig is learning Hebrew?

Title: Nefesh Shimshon – Shabbos Kodesh

In addition to his many duties as chief rabbi of Ofakim, a city located in southern Israel, Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus spent decades traveling around the world - gracing seminars, week-end retreats, and special events - as one of the Torah world's most sought-after, inspiring and influential speakers.

A Spiritual Child

Many a parent would like to see their child follow in their footsteps. Sometimes it is a very hard act to follow, but in the case of Slovie Jungreis-Wolff it is a nachas to all of us to see her following the path of her world-renowned mother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.

Title: In The Spirit of the Maggid

In the days of old, villagers in the shtetls of Europe would eagerly anticipate the arrival of the maggid, whose travels took him from town to town as he attempted to inspire the hearts and raise the spirits of the many people who came to listen to him.

Title: Unlocking the Torah Text: Shmot: An In-depth Journey into the Weekly Parsha

The secret to making a good sequel to a book is to make one that is original, yet effectively ties into the previous title.

Title: A Rose Among Thorns

As the immediacy of the Holocaust continues to fade from the collective memory of the world, and even from that of too many Jews, due to the passage of time and the passing of the survivor community, publications of books such as A Rose Among the Thorns by Rochel Schmidt, become seminal events.

Title: In A Good Pasture

Seven people from different parts of the world come together at an Israeli absorption center, to learn Hebrew and about life in their new country. We meet them in the newest book by Dvora Waysman, In A Good Pasture (Mazo publishers).

Title: Ten Lost

When Sender Zeyv published his first novel Aleph Shin eight years ago, it captured a host of enthusiastic readers.

Title: Ten Lost

When Sender Zeyv published his first novel Aleph Shin eight years ago, it captured a host of enthusiastic readers.

Title: The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Publishers of this book (made into a movie of the same title currently in select theaters) hope that reviewers won't reveal the story's ending.

Title: The Hidden Hand: Uncovering Divine Providence in Major Events of the 20th Century

Yaakov Astor applies the time-honored tradition of examining world events through a Torah lens, which he applies to the 20th century, leaving readers wiser than they were before.

Title: “Shtick Shift – Jewish Humor In The 21st Century”

When we first received Rabbi Weinstein's new tome, following the great success of his first book, Up, Up and Oy Vey, we expected a collection of guf-faws and chortles.

Title: Throw Your Feet Over Your Shoulders: Beyond the Kindertransport

Modern Jewish literature is replete with Holocaust memoirs, each one personally adding a unique dimension to the tragic, unspeakable horror of the event that defined the 20th century.

A Guide To Visiting The Sick

They have how-to literature on just about every subject and fortunately one has come out on visiting people who need to recover from an illness.

Title: Festival of Lights – A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot

Filled with full-color photos of the author's collection of Chanukah menorahs, chanukiot, Festival of Lights - A Delightful Collection of Handmade Chanukiot could make a delightful gift this winter.

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