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Lag Ba’Omer

The entire mountainside is transformed into a promenade where superstars of the Israeli religious music scene participate in impromptu jams with tourists.

Yehudi Menuhin’s Mixed Record On Judaism And Israel

Best known for his technical mastery and emotional playing, Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) was one of the 20th century’s most distinguished violinists (as well as...

Standing Room Only Crowd as Teaneck Takes Stand Against Abuse and Addiction at Amudim...

We now know that we have a captive audience who is listening and we have to drive that listening into action.

My Beloved Country: Seventy Years Old

On Memorial Day, as I remembered all the soldiers and great people who died protecting this little but so important and significant piece of land, I felt so proud to be part of the Jewish nation in its homeland.

Israel’s Constituent Assembly

The elections to the Constituent Assembly, which twice had to be canceled, were eventually held on January 25, 1949, with an impressive 87 percent of eligible voters going to the polls.

Love And Respect

Think what the world would be like it we gave more respect to even one person. The more similar people seem to be, the more they find to argue about. The less we have in common, the less we care!

Seventy Years

There are more yeshivot and students learning Torah here than in the rest of the world combined.

Chaim Weizmann And The Weizmann Institute

Weizmann’s role as a founding father of the State of Israel is well known; less known is his role as a scientist – specifically as a pioneering biochemist.

Sfirat Haomer

Today, counting the Omer can be a time of meditation where we renew our spirits as we prepare for Shavuot.

The Halachic History of the Expanding Kezayis

He points out that medieval Ashkenazic authorities never saw an olive. Olives do not grow that far north; they only grow in the Mediterranean region.

Remembering ‘The Rav’ – Unforgettable 25 Years Later

The Rav maintained that analyzing the Torah with the lenses of a secular academician was meaningless since the Torah has its own system and logos and only using that system and logos can yield proper understanding.

Escaping Egypt, Escaping Hitler

My grandfather was unlike any other grandparent I have ever encountered. The minute he saw me, he would engulf me in a giant bear hug and squeeze until my grandmother scolded him to let me go.

Unusual Passover Cards

It is difficult to pin down who created the first Braille Haggadah and when.

Pesach Is The Jewish Festival Of Freedom

We perceive these moments to be filled with grace, and we might feel that our lives are worth even one such experience.

Along The Way

On the way to Israel? Have a long stopover in Europe? Are you wondering what to see so you can get a feel for the place?

From Russia To Shanghai

Rav Ashkenazi knew that the Shanghai community needed rabbinic guidance, so he changes his plans.

New Moshav Album Is Medicine For The Soul

If you’re hearing this is when you’re driving and someone cuts you off, you’ll be able to breathe easy.

Nissan: The Month Of Redemption

Did all those broken and hurt people expect the last words of Yosef – “And G-d will surely redeem you from here,” which he uttered on his deathbed – to come true?

Happy Pi Day!

The Jewish Press decided to join math lovers the world over in celebrating Pi Day, observed every year since 1988 on March 14.

Preparing For Pesach Spiritually, Not Just Physically

We all know that cleaning the house for Pesach is a mitzvah, but what are our thoughts as we fulfill it?

Results Reveal Foolishness

When I first encountered the idea of omitting pictures of women, I could, grudgingly, understand the logic.

The Connection Between Purim And Pesach

What do hamentaschen and matzahs have in common? What connection could there be between Pharaoh and Haman, Moses and Mordecai, Miriam and Esther?

Billy Graham And The Jews

Jacob Baal-Teshuva, an authority on Marc Chagall and one of the most distinguished international editors, appraisers, and critics of modern and contemporary art, served...


After nearly three weeks, the miracle we had hoped for faded.

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