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The First Jew To Hold Public Office In America

At a time when Maryland Jews lacked even the most basic civil rights, including the right to vote, Reuben Etting (1762-1848) joined many Colonial...


When should we be tough, soft, when are we truly honest with ourselves and our surroundings? And when are we just putting on a show.

Edward Teller And A Nuclear Israel

The “Einstein letter” to which Teller refers is undoubtedly one of the most important and consequential letters in human history.

True Happiness

We will never find happiness when all we see is the surface of life, without examining its core.

Forgotten Holocaust Heroes: Dr. Ho Feng Shan, Little-Known Chinese Savior Of Jews

Seeing the Jews so doomed, it was only natural to feel deep compassion, and from a humanitarian standpoint, to be impelled to help them.

Musically Baltimore

Our music programs are designed to give children an unforgettable year that will help them develop in every area of their lives.

Kiddush Hashem Activist

The most popular way of understanding kiddush Hashem is as any action you choose to do that brings honor and glory to G-d in the eyes of those around you.

Scholarship And Sefarim In Shanghai

The Jewish spirit lives in every branch of life and the Jewish heart palpates everywhere.

Yorkers – But Are They Kosher?

In honor of Sukkos, The Jewish Press decided to feature pictures of six of the winning designs.

G-d’s love

There are so many examples of something that looks harsh or not pleasant when in fact it is for the benefit of the individual suffering.

Thanks For The Set!

The rights Rosen won for Jews included the right to emigrate, and he oversaw a tremendous exodus of some 400,000 Romanian Jews to Eretz Yisrael and elsewhere.

Kapparot: ‘A Wing And A Prayer’

In Levy’s drawing, the children do not seem particularly enamored by having a chicken waived over their heads, as the boy seems to be shielding his eyes and the little girl seems to be recoiling in horror.

13-Year-Old Frum Jew Wins First Place On Cooking Show

Asked what her reaction was to winning, Goldzal said, “I was so happy…because it showed people that eating kosher can be just as exciting and delicious.”

Living In G-d’s Backyard

Life in this special land can be difficult. Sometimes what makes it so hard is not so much the physical work but the mental and spiritual work.

Knot Your Typical Tichel

She found knotting a head scarf in a novel way or weaving multiple scarves together to be a creative outlet, one that she enjoyed and had strangers stopping her and asking her to share her techniques.

Rosh Hashanah Greetings From WWII’s Jewish Brigade

Broadly heralded as the contemporary embodiment of the Maccabees, some 30,000 Jewish volunteers from Eretz Yisrael served with the British Army during World War II, and more than 700 were killed in active duty.

Swordfish: A Kashrus Tale Of Legends

If a fish has scales as a juvenile, but lacks them as an adult, is it kosher?

Shipped To Australia: A Forgotten World War II Saga

The 6th of September marks the 78th anniversary of the arrival of the HMT Dunera – a British passenger ship – into Sydney, Australia...

Ramping Up For The Yomim Noraim

Everyone deserves to have food on the table and a festive meal to celebrate the holiest of days.

How My Grandfather Saved A Nazi’s Life

I slowly began to realize that my grandfather’s story did not follow the typical plot of a Holocaust survivor’s account.

When Is Shabbat Over?

Except in extremely northern locales, the sky is dark and filled with stars well before the time that people claim is tzeit ha’kochavim according to Rabbenu Tam.

Tannersville: Summer Getaway For Gedolim

In the 1920s and ‘30s, illustrious European rabbis infused Tannersville with an aura of Torah and holiness.

A New CD By Chazan Benny Rogosnitzky Looks To Inspire Daveners and Baalei Tefillah...

“When you realize that you are the one carrying them and taking their tefillos to the Ribono Shel Olam, that shift puts everything into perspective.”

The First Jew To Serve On The Federal Bench

However, the main target in Lauder’s piece was “the Orthodox,” who he paints with one brush, as if there are not huge differences within Israel’s vibrant modern Orthodox, nationalist religious Zionist and charedi communities.

Power and Politics (Part IV): The Italki Community

Even before the Renaissance, the meager scattering of sources that reveal the Italki experience suggest that Jewish influence was alive and well on the peninsula.


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