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IDF Shells Hamas Posts After Gaza Border Violence, Grenade Hurled at IDF Soldier

The rioters hurled improved explosive devices (IEDs), Molotov cocktails and stones at IDF soldiers. Israel told media there was no agreement on a ceasefire.

Hamas Continues Arson Terror Attacks Against Israel

The arson attacks were launched despite an alleged ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Israeli Media: Hamas Calling All the Shots, Netanyahu Cabinet Has No Plan

"I wonder if the important people who are enclosed in discussion rooms understand how much they are discouraging the public – in all its shades."

IDF Instructs Periphery Communities on Conduct in Shadow of Gaza Rockets

Farmers have been ordered to stay out of their fields. No agricultural work is being allowed in the Gaza Belt region on Friday.

Hamas Claims Ceasefire Reached, Israel Denies Report

Whether in fact a ceasefire has begun, and how long it might last, is anyone's guess.

Israeli Security Cabinet Instructs IDF to ‘Act With Force’

Israeli fighter pilots bombed and destroyed a five-story building used as Hamas Internal Security Headquarters on Thursday afternoon.

Live Blog: Code Red Sirens, Rocket Attacks, Mortar Shells – It’s All Here

Up-to-the-minute information is posted on the Live Blog about Code Red alerts and incoming rocket attacks.

IDF Cancels Weekend Leave for Combat Soldiers

The soldiers were ordered to remain on base due to the situation in southern Israel.

Israeli Ambassador Urges UN to Condemn Hamas for Unprovoked Rocket Barrages

Danon wrote that Hamas was solely responsible for the launching of more than 180 rockets that has caused injuries to civilians.

IAF Bombs Hamas Internal Security HQ in Northern Gaza

The interior security unit of Hamas is "considered to be an executive branch of Hamas' political leadership."

Watch: This Is What Gaza Looks Like after Thursday’s IDF Raids

The extensive attacks carried out by the IDF resulted in the destruction of about 150 military and strategic targets of the Hamas terrorist organization, delivering a severe blow to the terrorist organization.

Babies in Bomb Shelters – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

As rockets fall and alarms go off, an interview with mother of seven, Devorah Goodman Horev in southern Israel.

Senior IDF Officer: We’re Close to War in Gaza

"Hamas is moving away from a settlement, and approaching a campaign in which it will receive a severe blow."

IDF Targets 140 Hamas Positions Overnight in Gaza While Israelis Sleep in Bomb Shelters

The IDF has begun to deploy additional Iron Dome aerial defense batteries around major Israeli cities in the south.

Jewish Children and Adults Hurt as Hundreds of Rockets Fired at Israel

Israeli children and adults were injured, and dozens more were treated for shock in the attacks.

UN Envoy ‘Deeply Alarmed’ by Escalation on Gaza-Israel Border

He went on to say that if the current escalation "isn't contained immediately, [the] situation can rapidly deteriorate with devastating consequences [for] all."

100+ Rockets and Mortar Shells Fired at Israel from Gaza

The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted at least 11 rockets that were headed for densely populated areas in the south.

IDF Orders Southern Israeli Summer Camps Into Shelters, Safe Spaces

Israelis living in southern Israel were told to stay within the 'rocket racing' distance of a safe space as well.

Israel Attacks 12 Terror Targets in Gaza, Including Tunnel-Building Factory

"Shortly you'll be hearing explosions resulting from IDF activity in the Gaza Strip," Eshkol Regional Council leaders told residents.

Gaza Rocket Attacks on Sderot Leaves Multiple Wounded, Home and Cars Damaged

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system intercepted two of the rockets.

Hamas Source: 5-Year Truce to Include Return of 4 Israelis at Some Point

The Anadolu report did not specify at which stage of the truce the release would be carried out, nor whether or not it would involve releasing Hamas terrorists who are behind bars in Israel.

Hamas Discusses Readiness for Full-Scale Conflict with Israel

The IDF said they are prepared for any scenario in Gaza.”

IDF Attacks Terror Squad in Gaza, 2 Injured

The air strike took place near the security fence along the border with eastern Gaza.

Netanyahu, Norway’s Foreign Minister Meet in Jerusalem

It was agreed to expand cooperation on high-tech systems between Israel and Norway, with an emphasis on digital health systems.

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