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Mother of New Ambassador Dermer: He’s a Red-Blooded American

4 Av 5773 – July 11, 2013
Ron Dermer, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s choice to succeed American-born Michael Oren as Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, moved to Israel 16 years...

Netanyahu Names American Immigrant Ron Dermer Ambassador to US

3 Av 5773 – July 9, 2013
Outgoing Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren was the only American to hold the post – until Tuesday. Netanyahu has appointed Ron Dermer, a close aide, to take over the job.

Israeli Ambassador to US Leaving

29 Tammuz 5773 – July 6, 2013
Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, announced that he is leaving his post this fall. “Israel and the United States have always enjoyed a...

Iran Blinks First, But Could Still Produce Nuclear Weapon in 2013

22 Nisan 5773 – April 2, 2013
Khamenei's decision was designed to avoid a crisis during Iran's election year.

Oren Says ‘Gatekeepers’ Makes His Job Harder

7 Nisan 5773 – March 17, 2013
Israel's U.S. ambassador Michael Oren, said the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Gatekeepers" complicates his mission. The movie compiles interviews with six former leaders of the Shin...

Oren Opens AIPAC with Appeal to Non-Jews for Pro-Israel Outreach

22 Adar 5773 – March 3, 2013
Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington, opened the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC)annual policy conference with an appeal for pro-Israel outreach to African...

Why Jews Are So Bad at PR

26 Tevet 5773 – January 8, 2013
There are many potential Ron Dermers at the world’s universities today, if only we can nurture their gifts in their formative years.

Israel’s US Ambassador: We’ll Act to Stop Chemical Weapons Reaching Hezbollah (Video)

26 Kislev 5773 – December 10, 2012
"If these weapons fall into the wrong hands, it will be a game changer for us."

As Horrific Images Outrage the Globe, Israeli Ambassador Explains Cynical Goals

4 Kislev 5773 – November 18, 2012
In an interview with PBS NewsHour's Ray Suarez, Israel Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren explained the explosion of images circulating around the world, allegedly showing dead Gazan children "targeted" by Israeli air strikes.

UC Irvine Students Vote for ‘Israel Divestment’ But Have No Investments to Divest

1 Kislev 5773 – November 14, 2012
The Resolution was introduced by Sabreen Shalabi, and seconded by Shadi Jafari, with support from Ali Abunimeh and Noam Chomsky.

Will DNC Chair Be Dumped?

18 Elul 5772 – September 5, 2012
The Weekly Standard is already advancing the speculation that Debbie Wasserman Schultz be let go from her post as DNC chair following her blatant...

Israel’s Ambassador: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Lied

Back in August, Hadassah Magazine interviewed Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and one of their question was: "Why did you call on both parties to refrain from challenging each other over support for Israel?" The DNC chair answered: "What the Republicans are doing is dangerous ... Israel’s ambassador Michael Oren, has said this." Then she repeated the allegation at a DNC convention forum. So the ambassador sent out an email.

Amb. Michael Oren to Pro-Israel Student Advocates: No Substitute for Knowledge and Experience

17 Iyyar 5772 – May 9, 2012
Oren stressed the importance of treating every question with respect, noting that there is only one question that he refuses to respect. “I won't respect any question that draws a comparison between Israel and the Nazis," he said. "I won't respond to that, at least not respectfully."

Israel is Theme of Gay Conference

15 Iyyar 5772 – May 7, 2012
A major annual US gay conference will feature Israel and its gay community this year. The Equality Forum’s four-day event in Philadelphia, ending Sunday, featured...

Report: House Armed Services Committee Proposes Additional $680 Million for Iron Dome

2 Iyyar 5772 – April 23, 2012
The Washington Post quoted a Republican congressional aide as saying that the House Armed Services Committee will propose the increase when it convenes next week to formulate the 2013 fiscal year's defense budget. There are currently four operational and actively deployed Iron Dome batteries in Israel, but "at least ten" are needed to defend the whole country.

Ranking US Congressman Introduces Legislation Offering Further Assistance on Iron Dome

4 Nisan 5772 – March 26, 2012
The Iron Dome Support Act (IDSA) authorizes and encourages President Obama to provide funds for the "procurement, maintenance and sustainment" of more of the anti-missile defense systems, should the Israeli government request it. The legislation was actually inspired by an op-ed by Israeli Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, in which he wrote that "at least ten Iron Dome systems will be necessary in order to defend the whole country."

US OKs Unprecedented Amount for Israeli Missile Defense

27 Kislev 5772 – December 23, 2011
The US House and Senate committee on Appropriations has approved a budget doubling aid to Israel for the David’s Sling and Arrow 3 anti-ballistic medium-to-long range air defense systems.

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