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MillionsforChesed Set to Raise Record $3M

17 Sivan 5775 – June 3, 2015
This all-or-nothing multi-organization online fundraising event has raised more than $2.5M. All donations are quadrupled.

No More Poverty Supports Tomchei Shabbos with ‘Kol Ha Kavod’

13 Tishri 5774 – September 17, 2013
Julian Omidi and his brother Michael Omidi, cofounders of No More Poverty, are new supporters of the Los Angeles-based Jewish charity, Tomchei Shabbos. Serving...

Tomchei Shabbos Of Miami Serves Needy Families

14 Av 5772 – August 1, 2012
Tomchei Shabbos of Miami was founded in 2009 by students of Rabbi Friedberg of North Miami Beach. Every Friday the organization distributes kosher food to more than seventy families throughout South Florida. Tomchei Shabbos means “supporters of the Sabbath” and that is just what the organization does.

Two Magic Words

12 Sivan 5772 – June 1, 2012
Last week I mentioned that I’d received numerous reader responses to my series of columns detailing my experiences in a San Diego hospital following surgery for a broken hip. I shared one such note with you last week. Here is another.

Interview With Gittela Welcher

5 Heshvan 5772 – November 2, 2011
As any graduate student can attest, time is limited. In between writing papers, doing readings for classes, attending seminars, and spending time with family, it’s often difficult to have time for other activities.

YUConnects Branches Out

4 Av 5770 – July 15, 2010
Forty-three engagements and counting. In the three years since its founding, YUConnects has tried helping alleviate what is known to many as, "the shidduch crisis."

A Mitzvah In 30 Minutes

13 Sivan 5770 – May 26, 2010
Founded in 1977, Tomchei Shabbos of L.A. has been providing essential Shabbos food packages to thousands of needy Jewish families in the Los Angeles community.

A Mitzvah In 30 Minutes

Founded in 1977, Tomchei Shabbos of L.A. has been providing essential Shabbos food packages to thousands of needy Jewish families in the Los Angeles community.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Involving Young Children in Hands-on Chesed Activities

6 Tevet 5770 – December 23, 2009
One of the goals we all share as parents and educators is to instill an appreciation for the mitzvah of tzedakah (charity giving) in our children. I have found that one of the most effective methods of achieving this is to present young children with hands-on opportunities to participate in charity projects that are child-centered and age appropriate. There are those who take the attitude, especially as far as school-based programs for boys are concerned, that these are a distraction from limudim.

On Davening (Part II)

4 Tammuz 5767 – June 20, 2007
In last week’s column, two parents asked how to better motivate their children (a 12-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy) to improve their davening. In the response, we discussed four prerequisites for inspired tefillah – for adults – and some of the ramifications as they pertain to the chinuch of our children.

Chanukah – Fighting Spiritual Cancer

22 Kislev 5767 – December 13, 2006
This past week I took time out from my daily activities to have a medical checkup - something I highly recommend.

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