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Carmel Fire Aftermath: Mourning, Assessing, Finger Pointing

1 Tevet 5771 – December 8, 2010
JERUSALEM - In the aftermath of the deadliest fire in Israel's history, Israelis this week set to the task of burying the dead, cleaning up and figuring out what exactly went wrong - and who is to blame.

It’s The Olive Trees, Stupid!

27 Heshvan 5771 – November 3, 2010
In case you didn't notice, olive trees in Judea and Samaria are under attack. The alleged culprits are Jews living there. UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry called it "terrorism."

Title: A Green Fantasy: Ruthie Discovers The Secret To Noah’s Ecosystem

21 Iyyar 5770 – May 5, 2010
Noah's Ark. Do we believe it really happened or was it a kind of Biblical legend, allegory or parable? The author, an anthropologist as well as a barrister and criminologist, has done an amazing amount of research into ecology, and come up with a fascinating theory and a gripping children's story of how it really might have been.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (That is, if you’re a tree!)

12 Shevat 5770 – January 27, 2010
Every year, on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat, we celebrate a strange holiday - Tu B'Shevat, the New Year of the Trees. The name is a short form of 15th Shevat - tet = 9 and vav = 6. This year, Tu b'Shevat falls on 3rd February, one month before Purim. It also has other names - Chag Hailanot - the Festival of the Trees; and Chag Haperot - the Festival of the Fruit.

Fruit Of The Land

"This week is Tu B'Shevat," announced Rabbi Dayan. "We celebrate the 'New Year' of trees with produce of Eretz Yisrael. However, the Israeli Rabbinate does not take full responsibility for Terumos and Ma'asros to export produce. So, unless the produce is marked as tithed, it is proper to take Terumos and Ma'asros yourself."

Q & A: Tu B’Shevat

QUESTION: Since on Tu B'Shevat we do not celebrate with a festive meal. Then how do we mark this date on our calendar? Additionally is one allowed to fast on this day?M. Goldblum(Via E-Mail)

Falling Trees And Exploding Pomegranates: Ori Gersht’s Beautiful Yet Tragic Metaphors

24 Shevat 5769 – February 18, 2009
The young couple sitting behind me in the small black box theater at the Hirshhorn Museum could not stop giggling at Ori Gersht's film, "The Forest."

Falling Trees And Exploding Pomegranates: Ori Gersht’s Beautiful Yet Tragic Metaphors

The young couple sitting behind me in the small black box theater at the Hirshhorn Museum could not stop giggling at Ori Gersht's film, "The Forest."

Rains And Reigns: Thoughts For Tu B’Shevat

10 Shevat 5769 – February 4, 2009
There is no rain in Israel. The weather is sunny and warm.That is bad news.

Orchards and Vineyards and Nature Divine

Delectable, delicious, delightful - and available to us in a smorgasbord of flavors and consistencies.

Tu b’Shevat: The Wonder Of Creation

3 Shevat 5769 – January 28, 2009
So many of Judaism's festivals are marked by solemnity, but Tu b'Shevat enhances our calendar with a delightful holiday that everyone can enjoy.

Who Is Raising Your Children?

14 Heshvan 5769 – November 12, 2008
Though the summer is long gone, and depending where you live, the trees might be changing colors, there may even be snow on the ground - some of the people I meet are still "smarting" from their camp experience.

Innovation and Imitation in Albrecht Dürer’s Samson

3 Elul 5768 – September 3, 2008
German artist, Albrecht Dürer's woodcut "Samson Slaying the Lion" (1497-98) shows the warrior-prophet with the unkempt hair and beard of a Nazarite, sitting on the back of a lion, whose jaws he pulls apart.

Illustrating The Postmodernist’s Bible: Nature in John Bradford’s Art

4 Tammuz 5767 – June 20, 2007
Some painters enslave themselves to detailed landscapes, patiently tracking every tree branch and grass blade in an effort to transcribe and document everything.

What’s New With Jewish-American Superheroes?

12 Tishri 5767 – October 4, 2006
"Take a sock at Hitler! Sock your dough in bonds and stamps!" says one comic.

Happy New Year …Trees!

11 Shevat 5766 – February 8, 2006
Until Jews began to return to Eretz Israel in 1948, noone thought of them as farmers.

Putting The Ax To The Tree-Chopping Canard

11 Tevet 5766 – January 11, 2006
The mainstream media have long sought to demonize Jewish settlers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, painting them as violent destructive bullies.

Barren Beauty

9 Iyyar 5765 – May 18, 2005
Ever since I can remember, my husband's practice has been, like many men, to buy me a lovely bouquet of flowers for Shabbat.

The Un-Greening Of Tu-b’Shvat

9 Shevat 5765 – January 19, 2005
Almost everything that most people "know" about Tu-b'Shvat is totally wrong and completely false.

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