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For those considering purchasing a home in Israel, sunny Netanya in the center of the country, and dubbed the “Israeli Riviera,” is one of the most attractive options. Thanks to its central location, growing Anglo community and stunning beaches, among many other advantages, Netanya is experiencing accelerated development and expansion.

In recent years, the city has been seeing the development of modern neighborhoods that offer a quality of life that is simply unmatched. Educational institutions for all ages, sports and cultural centers, shopping, parks, business centers – it’s all there, close and easily accessible.


Northern Netanya, especially, has become the focus of the city’s wider development and urban renewal. In addition to a variety of excellent schools, kindergartens and public parks, this district features the street market as well as the iconic beachfront promenade. Another important benefit is the superb transportation infrastructure, with proximity to major traffic arteries and an outstanding public transportation system.

Azorim, Israel’s leading Real Estate company for some 60 years, is currently in the process of developing of several exciting new projects, geared especially to Anglos seeking a high-level living experience. These curated residential complexes offer not only a home but a warm  community life. Each individual project offers meticulously designed 3- to 5-room apartments as well as huge penthouses and mini penthouses, all built to the highest technical specifications. The complexes provide an array of built-in services and conveniences, including daycare centers for children, luxurious lobbies, residents’ club, fitness rooms, built-in parks and the most amazing views you will find in all of Israel.

The prime location of the N Weizmann and N Sokolov complexes, both in northern Netanya, feature iconic luxury towers, within walking distance of the beach, top educational institutions and other important amenities.  These exciting projects are suitable for an observant lifestyle and provide residents with a contemporary urban living experience, complete with a well-equipped gym, community room and working space.

The East and West projects, in the upscale Park HaYam neighborhood, include 3 exclusive luxury towers. This architectural masterpiece harmoniously blends function and aesthetics, surrounded by spectacular views. Enjoy convenient proximity to shopping, cultural and leisure centers, business districts, and major traffic routes. The complex is also adjacent to stunning nature reserves and Netanya’s beaches. Purchasers will enjoy the services of one of three top-tier interior designers at no extra charge.

As Azorim spearheads the transformation of Netanya with its innovative projects, the city is poised to redefine luxury living in Israel. Netanya is shaping up to become not only a destination for the Anglo community, but for all who seek a life that balances modernity with tradition, comfort with elegance and community with individuality.

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