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Boaz Lahav (16) and David Lankri (14) - murdered by PA Minister Ziad abu Ein in 1979.

Who was this Minister of Rage, Ziad abu Ein, and what did he do to qualify for his position as a senior minister in the PA?

He didn’t do anything unusual for a Palestinian Authority Minister.


In 1979, Ziad abu Ein planted a bomb in a garbage pail in Tiberias, murdering two teenagers, Boaz Lahav (16) and David Lankri (14). 32 people were injured.

In 1982, he was sentenced to life in jail, after being extradited from the US.

But he only served 3 years.

He was released in the Jibril Rajoub prisoner swap in 1985.

Hence his qualifications to be a PA minister – he was a child killer.

His heart attack came 35 years too late, and it’s a shame this terrorist wasn’t actually beaten up by IDF soldiers.

Good riddance.


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  1. Every time the Arabs incite, every time they lie, it helps Israel. Why? If they had embraced the Jews we would have given them generously to our own detriment. This way their bad intentions are always clear, and Israel will do what is necessary.May Israel never again do a prisoner swap. It hurts. It never helps.

  2. Two things first. I am glad he is finally dead. The other is a complaint, because he never should have been freed, after only a few years. Israel has to find a better bargaining chip than a prisoner exchange. That confuses terrorism with ordinary crime. Criminals should pay the full price for what they have done. That should not be a factor. Anytime the Palestinians want to, they kidnap. Then trade. That must be stopped.

  3. Really, University of Southern California? And you come up with a statement like: " I believe that doing evil is influenced by circumstances and misconceptions and therefore it is a state of mind." ? That is a concentration camp guard's legal defense if I ever heard one.

  4. Richard Armstrong I’m afraid that you misconstrued the main idea. What I didn’t say in my comments is that he carried orders or that he has an excuse for what he did. In the absence of the prevailing political environment in which he lives, there would be high chances for him not to even think of murdering people. I rather see him alive after having regretted his past and realized that doing good is the source for his success and happiness.

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