Photo Credit: Yaacov / Wikimedia

According to Arab reports, Hamdi Na’asan, an Arab rioter, 38, on Saturday was shot by an IDF force or by Jewish settlers during a riot near the village of Al-Mughayyir in the Shilo area.

The site of the clashes was between Al-Mughayyir and the nearby settlement of Adei Ad (Adi Ad), an Israeli outpost established in 1998 near Shvut Rachel in the Binyamin region.


According to the Adei Ad spokesman who spoke to TPS, “At noon on Saturday, a group of hikers on the outskirts of the community were attacked with knives and severe violence by Arabs from the village of Al-Mughayyir. One of the hikers was stabbed and they managed to call for help. Forces of the regional alert squads were rushed to the scene to rescue the hikers and to check reports of a missing hiker.

“The forces were attacked with severe violence and once they sensed a tangible danger to their lives, they responded with gunfire in the air. Military forces arriving at the scene confronted dozens of Arabs who attacked the soldiers with severe violence. The forces used riot control measures.”

After Shabbat, the wounded Jewish man told HaKol HaYehudi that three Arabs ambushed him as he was walking some 200 meters from the community.

The Arabs attacked him, stabbed him with a knife, and tried to drag him to their village. He managed to escape and get to Adei Ad, informing the community’s rapid response security unit that he was attacked.

The rapid response team went out to find the attackers.

Adei Ad announced it views seriously the repeated attacks by residents of the Arab villages in the area and calls on the security forces to respond harshly and punish all the terrorist villages.”

The IDF spokesperson on Saturday issued a statement saying: “Earlier today, physical friction erupted between a number of Palestinians and a settler near Adei Ad, during which a civilian sustained a minor injury and did not require an evacuation. Initial details indicate that friction between settlers and Palestinians in the area developed later, during which live fire was shot by the settlers. One Palestinian was killed and a number of Palestinians wounded. IDF and Border Police forces rushed to the area and responded by means of dispersing demonstrations. The offense against law and order was dispersed. These are preliminary details, the event will be investigated.”

Update: According to a report by HaKol HaYehudi, quoting Arab sources, the Arab man killed in the Arab attack near Adei Ad, Hamdi Na’asan, had a very colorful security history.

Naasan was arrested in 2000 and sentenced to 9 years in jail for a variety of terror attacks, including shooting at Jews and planting a bomb.

He was released early, in 2007, as part of a gesture to Abu Mazen by the Olmert government ahead of the Annapolis conference. 430 Fatah terrorists were released from prison in that gesture.