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So what’s with Amona?

For those who don’t know the story, let me share some back ground information and the latest situation on the ground.
I shall not begin with our forefathers to whom that land was promised by the Creator or  with Joshua who was commanded by that same Creator  to conquer it from the Canaanites.  I shall also not  discuss the millennia when His people did just that and left their print  under every stone for  us to see today.
That is old stuff; too old and irrelevant for many.
So let us begin just a few short  centuries ago.
Very quickly then, after the Romans conquered the land and expelled lots of us, came the Christian Byzantines and forbade any of us to enter our land. Then came the Arabs who allowed us to return under strict discriminatory  rules.
The Crusaders came and slaughtered as many Jews and Arabs as  they could.
They were  expelled by the Mameluke Turks who were in turn expelled by the Ottoman Turks in 1517.
The Ottomans allowed Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition to return home and to other parts of their empire.
During all these periods Jews have not ceased to remember their Homeland and have it on their lips many times a day.
The Turkish empire decayed, and life for Jews became  pretty tough.
They were  ousted in 1917 by the British who promised to be the tool with which to bring the Jews  home to their land finally.
They lied.
The British were forced to leave by the relentless attacks by the tiny illegal  “Irgun” and “Lechi” underground forces (Menachem Begin led the former; Yitzchak Shamir the latter).
Israel was born in war.
 The Arab world swore they would throw all the Jews into the sea if they declared a state (their concern was not about ” territories”). The Arabs tried their best to make good on their promise.
They failed.
In so doing, Israel won even more land than that allotted them  by the UN partition decision of 1947.
The one big winner on the Arab side was the artificial Kingdom of Jordan. (a whim of the British a few short years earlier, establishing an Arab country  for the first  time in history, on lands promised to  the Jewish people by the world community).
Jordan attacked along with several other Arab armies and they wrested large parts of Judea  and Samaria (called the “West Bank” by  the Jewish people’s detractors).
Jordan proceeded to  immediately annex the areas they conquered, including historic Jerusalem.
The other Arab countries did not recognize it. They were jealous.
Only Britain, its patron and creator, and Pakistan, due to family reasons recognized the annexation as legal.
When Jordan attacked Israel a second time in 1967 after Israel begged her to stay out(just as Israel begged Jordan to stay out in 1948), she lost her misbegotten gains of 1948 and Israel liberated  Judea  and Samaria.
Israel did not conquer a sovereign state that attacked her. The territories she won were never legally Jordan’s. The last occupiers before Jordan’s was Britain. Before them, Turkey. Before them the Mamelukes, etc…
However when Jordan took that area in 1948, the king proceeded to divide parcels  among his more  loyal supporters – political patronage. So we have an  Illegal occupation and thus an Illegal granting of land that was not his legally.
Which brings us to today and Amona.
Since 1967 some  Jews in Israel have dedicated their lives to bringing Jews to the liberated areas – the very heart of our land. Rather than being heralded as pioneers and visionaries,  mediocre governments and a vociferous  extreme Left have placed spokes in he wheels of  the historic Jewish renewal at every turn.
This is not the place to delve into the souls of the  modern Hellenists  and  self haters, but suffice it to say that they wield influence in important power centers such as the courts, press, academia and entertainment.
Despite now fifty years of Arab terror,  vilification and demonetization by the Jewish Left and the constant sword of political uncertainty over their heads, the Jewish pioneer population has swelled to almost half  a million!
Beside themselves with despair, the “anti Jewish return to our land” forces have enlisted huge sums of money from the anti Jewish countries and groups in Europe and the US.
Seems like everyone is anxious to take part in the crusade to make the Jewish heartland “Judenrein”.
No international issue excites them as much.
The money pours in. The Arabs kill. The “New Israel Fund” and “J street” are the conduit for the money to reach the myriad of “humanitarian ” organizations in Israel like “Peace Now” ,”Rabbis for Peace” .. etc… These Jews are paid handsomely to dedicate their days and nights to uprooting Jews from their homes and supporting an  Arab presence in theses areas.
They spend much time locating Arabs who might have been allotted land by the Jordanian king and was no aware of it because th elands were totally inaccessible and unattractive  for settlement and farming. Hilly, stony lands that were never touched from time immemorial – and for good reason.
The “humanitarians” seek these Arabs out and then  accompany them to the Israeli courts where they demand that Jewish families  living in their homes for decades be expelled. The land will then return to its mode of lonely  rocks.
In Israel, as in all Western countries, compensation  is the most common solution to this kind of real estate tangle.
This is so in Israel too, but not in the “territories” where Jews live under military law and  are subject to the anti “Jewish settlement” agenda of the military government.
Clearly, they are doing the bidding of their higher ups. This is not the place to elaborate on this phenomenon  and this may sound surprising to some readers, so just check the history.
Thousands of Arab homes in Israel, especially in the Galilee the Negev and in Jerusalem are  built illegally. Thousands more in the “territories” under Israel military law. – and never the rush to destroy and expel. As Ms. Dorner, one of  enlightened  supreme court judges said,”that would cause great social  unrest..”One of the supreme court judges who decide what is to be Jewish land is Judge Jubran, an Arab who refuses to stand for the national anthem.
Is it me or is there something very wrong with this picture..?
The supreme court, with its record of consistent antipathy to the Jewish settlement movement,  is not concerned with “social unrest” when it comes to expelling Jewish families by force. Maybe its me, but I have the impression that they relish it.
Thousands of police are  now under going intense training for the imminent forced expulsion of fifty Jewish families  from a former rocky hill top that no body  ever wanted and has been turned into  a  miracle of green and life in the long neglected home land.
Amona is not the first instance of the Sodom and Gomorrah like judgement.
We pray that it will be the last.
What is clear is that the ones writing Jewish history are not the Hellenists sitting on the court benches and in the ivory towers but the brave and loyal Jews,raising large  families who are not intimidated either by the Arabs or the “Jews”.
“As Pharaoh  persecuted the Jews so they multiplied.”
Today they are almost  half  a million. They just keep a coming.

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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.