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A lone Jewish man prayed at the Kotel on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Israel’s Health Ministry announced on Thursday that the number of dead from the coronavirus in the country has risen to eight. It also reported that the number of Israelis infected by the coronavirus has increased to 2,666, of whom 68 have already recovered. Among the patients, 39 are in serious condition and 68 in moderate condition. The rate of casualties in Israel now stands at 0.9 per 1 million.

488,345 people around the world have been infected, with 22,071 dead. 117,608 have recovered.


In the US, 68,594 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded, with 383 cases added overnight Thursday. 1,036 have died, 9 of them overnight Thursday. 428 have recovered. The ratio of the pandemic’s casualties in the US has risen from 2 to 3 dead per 1 million.

Spain experienced the most devastating day Wednesday, with 442 new dead and 6,673 new cases. The total number of dead in Spain has reached 4,089. The casualty rate in Spain is now 87 per 1 million.

Iran has also been devastated on Wednesday, with 2,389 new cases 157 new dead. The casualty rate in Iran is 27 per 1 million.

The highest casualty rate was recorded in San Marino, with 619 dead per 1 million. With a population of 33,400, San Marino has 208 cases, with 21 dead.

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