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“And he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the face of all his brethren.”-Genesis 16:12 (JPS Tanach) 

Ari Fuld’s (may G-d avenge his blood) recent murder in Gush Etzion at the hands of a 17-year-old Arab monster, shocked the entire nation; in a country where murder of Jews is commonplace. Ari’s killer couldn’t even grow a beard, but his immersion in a cultural/religious climate of psychopathic evil, compelled him to study vital targets on the human body to kill Jews with a kitchen knife. This is the kind of human disease we are dealing with in Israel. Living things who breath and stand upright and look like men, but who lack the morality of desert jinn or vipers. 


As a prominent activist whose videos were featured on Facebook, Ari left an indelible imprint on an audience accustomed to seeing him online. The void was felt by many who never met him but often “saw” him on video. The horror is magnified when you consider the sobering fact that he leaves behind a wife and four children. The myriads of testimonials illustrate that Ari truly loved Eretz Yisroel and the Jewish people. And with his last breath and sacrifice he epitomized this love in the most literal sense. 

Like so many acts of Arab savagery against Jews, it was all captured on videotape. The sneak attack on Ari and his brutal stabbing. And his moment of superhuman heroism. The soul screams to the Heavens to watch the grainy footage of an Amalekite lethally stabbing Ari, and then seeing him defy his imminent death by overcoming physical obstacles while stumbling and crashing into walls. Yet he unholstered his gun, took a practiced stance and fired, trying to kill one who exchanged his humanity for the blood Moloch of jihad. Had Ari done nothing he would have died a kadosh by sanctifying Hashem’s as a murdered Jew. But to die while trying to save other Jews he died a Jewish gibor. 

As horrifying as it is to watch a Jew being killed, I believe it is important (with the obvious exceptions of children and certain temperaments) to watch the video at least once for several reasons:  

1) To honor Ari’s last moments of sacrifice and heroism. I agree with the theory that his heroism might have led to his own death, since given the severity of his wounds, he needed to sit still and try to stop the bleeding until EMT arrived. His attempt to terminate his murderer as he bled to death displayed extraordinary heroism. He was more concerned with saving other Jews, and it may have cost him his life. 

2)To inculcate hatred towards those who wear the Yoke of Amalek. To see the actions of genuine evil. Jews need to understand the concept of evil, which explains the total war we wage against our enemies according to Torah law.  

3)To feel, bleed, and cry over a murdered Jew. At the end of the day, Ari is one of so many people who were murdered in Israel for being a Jew. Murdered by Arabs who wouldn’t understand coexistence if it smacked them in the head. 

Ari’s murder is an all too common tragedy in our tiny country, where governments shirk their sacred duty of protecting Jewish lives. Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud act no different than the left on issues of security. Consider the southern border of our country and convince me otherwise. Months of devastating arson and terror balloons and insane destruction, with the same pattycake response, from a supposed “right-wing” government. Shameful. When Netanyahu finally loses power, it will be because the Left will have convinced enough people that the supposed party of security failed to protect the country. It matters little that they will continue with the same impotent response to Arab violence. 

The Cry of False Peace Prophets 

And in the aftermath of this monstrous tragedy, we hear the same perverted voices speaking of coexistence with Arabs. We heard about the site of the murder, Rami Levi, being a haven of “coexistence” for Jews and Arabs. Many of these peace warriors are also naïve “indigenous rights activists”, a good many who believe that Jews AND Arabs are both indigenous, and that we can remain in the land together if we embrace our shared “Semitism”. We hear how Arabs and Jews meet and greet and drink coffee. As I’ve noted before, the Jews of Hebron in 1929 also would have sworn that they had coexistence. Some of them also shared Turkish coffee with their Arab neighbors. And yet, their neighbors butchered them in 1929. The ghosts of Hebron (so close to Gush Etzion) scream out to us that Amalek does indeed reside in our land. That voracious “Am Lak” that lap up blood as a dying man laps up water. It is time to eschew pacifism and gird ourselves in the righteous garb of halachic warfare. Coexistence be damned.  

“The Arabs are a cancer in our midst. And you don’t coexist with a cancer. A cancer you either cut out, and throw out, or you die.”-(Rabbi Meir Kahane, on 60 Minutes) 

I have written about some of these new peaceniks before in my articles  The New Peace Movements Exposed, and The New Indigenous Right: Hardline Or Soft-Boiled? One personality I have not addressed previously is Inon Dan Kehati who heads The Home (Habayit). On September 23, Inon posted the following: 

One week after the murder of Efrat resident, Ari Fuld HYD, we have returned to one of the only islands of sanity and normality in the Judean hills, where Jews and Palestinians shop, work and having coffee together. 

The vicious act of the Palestinian terrorist, who took the life of a father of 4, will not deceive us into believing that all Palestinians are terrorists, and will not hold us back working in the most inclusive way, with people from both Jewish and Palestinian communities in the area of Bethlehem and Gush Etzion. 

We will continue to expand the inter-communal connections between Palestinians and Jews in Judea and Samaria, and work towards a joint future, based on loyalty to the homeland of the forefathers and foremothers, with the people who live on it, with faith. 

The Home is sending our deepest condolences and grief to the Fuld family. 

To be fair, Inon seems sincerer in his deadly naivete than other faces on the new peace circuit, which makes his beliefs much more dangerous. Unlike many of the other “new peace” activists who opine on indigeneity while presumably fressing on majul dates, he and his cadre of believers frequently go out and pick up trash rather than merely opine on their silly fantasy of “understanding narratives” from the confines of contrived orchestrated “meetings”. But dangerous ideas (despite the general belief of their well-intentioned practitioners) remain dangerous regardless of the sincerity of suicidal actions. Such ventures render Jews vulnerable to those who are nursed on the kind of Jew-hatred that would impress Goebbels. Furthermore, more than a few mainstream religious activists have met with Inon and others at these “New Peace” meetings. Meeting with “good Arabs” are akin to the notion of German Jews meeting with token “good German’s” during the Holocaust. Obscene and inappropriate. The only difference is that the Arabs don’t have the power to throw us into the ovens today. They have the desire but lack the means. And history has shown how quickly Arab friends turn sour in the frenzy of massacre. 

Beware the foolish new “peace gurus”. Their ideology is no less toxic than the classical peace-fools. The only difference is that they can appeal to a demographic of “religious/traditionalists who would never consider entertaining such notions. They have the added fantasy of thinking they can keep everything (land) with those who overwhelmingly deny our right to anything, including our lives. Shared narratives and the nonsense of a shared indigenous “Semitic” identity is lunacy. Most Arabs would never truly except such idiocy. And at the end of the day, if you watch video footage of some of the more publicized meetings, it becomes evident as Rabbi Meir Kahane stated, that we are dealing with a conflict he deemed “immutable”. Even the decent Arabs in attendance have expectations that could never be met without endangering every Jew in Israel. And to say otherwise is to be disingenuous and patronizing.  

To cultivate a hatred of evil, one must understand evil, and the forces of political correctness which render it impossible to examine Islam. As I noted in my article Islam: A reflection on the dominant hatred of our region: Islam’s War against the Jews and the Torah: 

Islam is as much a scourge upon the earth as the strain of Naziism. Yet unlike the war against Naziism, there is no international force fighting Islam on the battlefield in a way that represents a definitive war against Islam. Squirmishes here and there. But never against Islam. No current mainstream politician will ever openly declare a war against Islam. The most right-wing politicians still use the term “extremist Islam” or “militant Islam”. And that is the problem. 

Too many Jews want to find a common denominator with Islam, a supposed kinship based upon monotheism. From a Torah religious standpoint, the Muslims may indeed be monotheists. (Generally, this is the established position of prominent Torah scholars past and present, but this is hardly monolithic. The more ambitious reader can research the position of the Tzitz Eliezer.) Nevertheless, their monotheism is irrelevant, since they are an ideology of murder. Their ravenous blood deity is not Hashem, Heaven forbid. Allah is a drinker of innocent blood. 

The Torah’s solution hasn’t changed: Parshat Masai. “Vehorashtem”- “You shall drive out all the land’s inhabitants before you, and you shall destroy all their prostration stones, all their molten images you shall destroy, and all of their high places you shall demolish.” (Numbers 33: 52-53) It continues: “If you do not dispossess the inhabitants of the land, those whom you allow to remain shall be barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land in which you live. Then, I will do to you what I had planned to do them.” (Numbers 33:5556) 

Many years ago, Rabbi Meir Kahane insisted that transferring the Arabs out of Eretz Yisroel was the only solution. So many years later, the unspoken and politically taboo concept of Arab transfer remains the only honest response to an enemy who cannot live with those who share his own nationality/religion, let alone those they see as accursed dhimmis. The ticking time bomb of “Israeli-Arabs” represents a fifth column. They don’t need to be a majority. They are powerful enough when they align with the left to affect our national policy. We saw that with the Oslo Accords. No amount of Turkish coffee will ever rehabilitate a culture and ethos of jihad and “martyrdom”. It will only ensure that more Jews are gutted with knives in the parking lots of supposed safe havens.  

One final note: While perusing Ari’s writings to get insight into his life, I discovered that he had a consistent position regarding Arab terrorists: No terrorist should be allowed to survive his act of terror. Ari did his utmost to destroy his killer. Perhaps now, those self-righteous moralists (not a few from the religious camps) who attacked Elor Azaria for killing a terrorist after he was restrained, will shut their mouths.  Elor is a living hero. I could care less with the argument that Elor was afraid that the Arab terrorist had an explosive on his person. My Torah based morality requires no such explanation or excuse. If it could be proven otherwise, his actions would remain noble. By killing the terrorist, Elor assured that the barbarian would never be released from prison to kill another Jew, something which Heaven forbid could very well happen to Ari’s killer. We’ve seen it time and again when governments release Arabs with Jewish blood on their hands. Likud governments do it as well as their Labor counterparts. Elor guaranteed that no future orphans and widows would grieve from those hands. Yet if a recent report is correct, he can’t even obtain a gun today to protect himself. 

Ari Fuld was stolen from this world, because Jewish blood is treated cheaply by the Israeli government. With a culture of havlaga corroding every fiber of government, any Arab with a knife can casually enter a local area where Jews buy groceries with the deluded self-perception of safety. The Left cultivates this disease with their appeasement and indoctrination via media, culture, academia, education, and their surrogates in government. The new “rightist” peaceniks are as insane as the craven Likud and the classical left. Because despite their pretense to not being leftist (by insisting that they oppose territorial compromise) their darling ideologies of “indigenous rights” and “peace” are beloved leftist ideals that every sane person should reject regardless of its peculiar new face.   

The new peace movements speak of building relationships, while Arabs ensure that our cemeteries grow larger. Until the Arabs understand Jewish might, they will continue to bleed us. Our blood is more precious than buildings or trees, neither of which impresses them. Those who congregate at the site of Ari’s murder with non-representative samplings of token Arabs, will have blood on their hands when the next Jew is gutted. And it will happen. The ingredients are simple, and they are everywhere. An Arab with the requisite “oh-so common” Jew hatred, the will and intent to kill, and a simple kitchen knife. 

Our lesson to Ari’s spilled blood should not be one of love and coexistence. Only the mad would see in such horror the need to march in “the mercy of fools’” parade of self-righteous peace shamans. The lesson should be one of Jewish barzel (iron) and unrelenting cruelty to modern-day Nazis, and a commitment to the kind of government sponsored military action to make Arabs wish they were back in Arabia. And we in Israel should of course accommodate them by throwing them the hell out of Israel. They can go to Jordan or Egypt, or perhaps Germany, France, and England, which seem equally viable options. Europe deserves them. Transfer may seem extreme in today’s morally neutered age. Yet transfer is just. It is after all, the halachic requirement. 


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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.