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Regional Director at Anti-Defamation League Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

“Everything is under control,” assured Anita Gray, director of the local office of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), about the infamous, anti-Semitic assistant professor Joy Karega.  “Oberlin’s president is coordinating efforts with us.”  Assuming there was nothing more to be done at this point, I asked about their involvement in the immigration process from the Middle East, about hijra, invasion by migration.  “There are a few, but not many,” she replied. When I asked for specifics, she answered, “No, but you can check the ADL website.”


I did so that evening, and emailed Gray the next day about the anti-Semitic comments on the site.  I asked who replies to them or if they’re just left on the site.  She wrote, “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”   OK. I recalled having learned that bit of wisdom as a child, but she used it to evade my question.

Moving on, I mentioned that HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) was lobbying Washington for more funds to bring in more immigrants, and asked of the ADL’s role and the number of migrants expected. “A very small number,” she answered.  Was that Muslims from Syria or Christians and Jews from Europe’s terrorism?  She said, “The entire refugee process takes two to three years, unlike Europe, where they show up on their shores and cause issues.” Again, this did not answer my question.

I had read that the ADL was created in 1913 to “monitor and combat global anti-Semitism and promote security and wellbeing of Jewish communities around the world,” yet now their interests have changed to “rescuing” those whose Koranic mission was to kill Jews and Christians if they didn’t submit to Allah; to aid and abet those who are beheading and raping en masse; and to work against our Constitution whose purpose it is to protect Americans against invasion.  She replied, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” If Gray were the least bit humorous, she could rival the late Henny Youngman, a Borsht Belt comedian who had been dubbed king of the one-liners.

How else could I feel when we are confronted with annihilation in every generation?  Why are HIAS, Catholic Charities, World Churches, ADL and other multi-culturalists saving the predators instead of the prey? Why are we following in the footsteps of Sweden, Germany, France and Belgium?  Why did the Jewish Federation of Cleveland contact its entire mailing list, requesting donations to help the Syrian refugees, using a flyer enhanced with a photograph of a blonde, curly-haired toddler, complete with Teddy bear? In all the photographs and YouTube films of young Syrian men who are ravaging Europe, killing Europeans and Americans, throwing pipe bombs, burning flags and tires, and raping young girls and women, not once did I see a migrant who resembled this little boy with his iconic cuddle toy.

At Gray’s suggestion, I called the Jewish Federation and asked the young woman about the number of Muslim immigrants resettled in Ohio, she said she took offense at my inquiry!  “Okay,” I said, “How about the number of Christians and Jews and then a grand total?”  She emphatically informed me of two members of her family who had married nice, successful Muslim businessmen.  I explained that I was interested in the ones who are sent here by the UN, unvetted and prepared to behead us and establish a caliphate. She suggested I contact Global Cleveland, which does not return calls.

The truth is that the Left designates “receiving communities” according to race and affluence and brings in an Islamic “seedling” community that will not assimilate.  These UN-selected “new Americans” must be accepted and sustained by the designated neighborhood with housing, clothing, extensive healthcare, schooling (complete with translators), credit cards, no-interest loans, and food stamps.

Ted Kennedy was the first to change the immigration policy, increase our population with foreigners who replaced hundreds of thousands of Americans in the labor force with those who would vote Democrat. The refugee resettlement agenda was designed during the 1980s and Obama’s Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program is the current UN’s agenda to balkanize and terrorize the West, to redistribute the population, abolish private property of Western civilizations only, overwhelm our society and laws, defeat our exceptionalism, take the jobs from the Americans and put them on welfare, dilute our country and severely damage our United States.  As an aside: We settled 4,971 Syrians since January, 2012, and accepted 20 million through a waiver abuse program.  Accepting one million refugees per year costs us $118 billion annually, and resettlement costs us $3 billion annually, 12 times the cost of helping them in their own country.

Within a couple of weeks and with no comments, Anita Gray emailed me an impressive speech made by the ADL’s new CEO and national director, Jonathan Greenblatt, during his March, 2016 visit to Jerusalem, wherein he spoke of mainstream bigotry and intolerance affecting Jews. She did not send a copy of his April, 2016 speech made at J Street, the Soros-backed, anti-Israel organization that masquerades as an authentic pro-Israel group, but whose every effort undercuts and betrays Israel. Just as J Street betrayed Israel by accusing her of disproportionate warfare when defending herself against Turkey’s Mavi Marmara flotilla raid (May 2010), advanced border lines that would seriously imperil Israel, and persists in challenging Israel’s strong democracy with accusations of apartheid, so Greenblatt spoke similarly.

He said he wants to see Israel as a Jewish nation that supports religious pluralism, a blatant denunciation when Israel is already a democratic country under whose laws all citizens of all religions are protected equally.  He wants to see Israel live in peace and security with her neighbors, never admitting that all the wars were begun by those neighbors.  He acknowledged criticizing Israel but does not criticize Hamas, a designated terrorist organization committed to jihad, and refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  He spoke of shortcomings of the Jewish establishment only, while also condemning Islamophobia and “marginalized Palestinians.” The Palestinians who claim marginalization are not citizens of Israel and have refused citizenship.  Above all, he wished for a P Street along with a J Street, while never specifying that the Palestinians have refused peace agreements and want only Israel.

The ADL, supported by naïve Jewish donors, also works to lobby against laws that would obstruct the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS), claiming it suppresses academic freedom and inhibits Islamic speech. BDS endangers Israel and defends Islamists from criticism.  The ADL sided with our State Department in prohibiting Geert Wilders, a true hero of democracy and Israel, from entering the US, citing criticism of Islamic doctrines “hate speech.”  Greenblatt, once a special assistant to President Obama, subtly approved of borders with Palestinians that put Israel’s security at risk, and continues to place the responsibility of a peaceful solution on Israel, rather than convey Israel’s persistent offers for direct negotiations and the Arabs’ constant rejection.  Greenblatt has failed to stress Jewish legitimacy, her historic connections to Israel and Jerusalem and her democracy. By involving and accepting the organizations of J Street, Americans for Peace Now, and Jewish Voice for Peace, he joins forces with the covert enemy of Israel and invites further pressure from Soros and Obama.

The ADL has always been a sham.  During World War II, a small group of Zionist activists from Europe and Palestine, led by Peter Bergson (an alias for Rabbi Hillel Kook), formed a Jewish army of stateless and Palestinian Jews to fight alongside the Allies against the Nazis, and eventually became the Jewish Brigade, a military unit that was part of the British Army.  The Bergson Group’s Emergency Committee, joined by writer Ben Hecht, cultural celebrities, members of Congress, African-American leaders and others, persuaded President Franklin D. Roosevelt to establish the War Refugee Board to save escaping Jews from extermination – and did save perhaps as many as 200,000 European Jews, with the help of such as Raoul Wallenberg.  The ADL, however, along with Rabbi Stephen S. Wise and other reform/progressive Jewish leaders in October, 1943, demonized Bergson, opposed lifting the US quotas, made light of the Nazi carnage and thwarted what might have been a larger rescue success.

In early 2015, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to address Congress about the serious, imminent danger posed by Iran and its nuclear weapons capabilities to Israel and the world, the ADL and Reform Rabbi Richard Jacobs pressured him to cancel his speech!

It is not possible to explain the motives of the Anti-Defamation League, but surely they may be judged by their past actions, current connections and conduct. We must listen carefully to what they say. But be aware that that they support the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions activities against Israel, and are eager to resettle in America those who want Sharia law to replace our Constitution.  There is no gray area here.


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Tabitha Korol, author of “Confronting the Deception” (Amazon), began her political writing with letters to the editor, earning writing awards from CAMERA and Frederick William Dane’s Fur Hat Fighters for Freedom. Her essays appear in numerous publications. Tabitha revised David Silberman’s “And You Saw That,” Holocaust survivors’ memoirs, for publication in America, and edited David Pristash’s “An Essay on Moral Philosophy in Western Civilization.”