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I don’t know what it is about Republican voters this year but it’s deeply troubling. That goes double for Americans generally as Bernie Sanders’s campaign continues to roll on despite little chance of replacing Hillary Clinton as this year’s Democratic nominee.

What this heralds, if no act of God intervenes, is a presidential election going into November with two bad choices: Hillary or Bernie on the Democratic side vs. Donald Trump, the loudest mouth in the race and certainly the biggest boor, on the Republican.


What does this say about us, the voters, when these are the people who win our allegiance in either of our two major parties?

Sanders is a single-minded socialist with a beef against business per se and a vision of this country as rigged against the “little guy,” a charge he levels against a country that has led the world in opportunity and wealth creation.

Yet today a significant number of American voters clearly think as he does, preferring a system that leads to economic stultification a la Europe’s and a stifling of individual liberty. As the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz put it:

In an era when the young emerge from years of schooling that portrays the U.S. as the world’s leading threat to peace and justice in the world – as a militarist aggressor awash in racism, in a system run by and for Wall Street – the Sanders campaign was a magnet. Long instructed in the progressive faith that is now established religion on the nation’s campuses, they found in Mr. Sanders’s politics, and his view of American society, a confirmation of all they have been taught.

But it doesn’t stop there, for an equal if not greater proportion of voters these days are drawn to the gesticulating, camera-mugging Donald Trump, real estate magnate and reality TV impresario extraordinaire, whose outraged and outrageous rhetoric on the stump has tickled their ids and raised anger politics to a whole new level.

Blithely unaware of Trump’s manipulative methods, as he channels great orators like the late Benito Mussolini and insults his way to the nomination, Republican voters who support him seem to found their hero and leader in a man whose prior claim to fame lay in having parlayed his self-stoked personal celebrity into a billion dollar business.

Trump’s the guy who has told us, repeatedly, how great he is and how everyone else isn’t and that, unlike the others, he doesn’t need advisers because, of course, he consults with himself. A man, we can see, of substance and wisdom.

Against Sanders in the Democratic primaries, and against a presumptive Trump candidacy in the general, we have Hillary Clinton, a woman who is shrill, tired, and deceptive beneath an array of Damocletian swords dangling precariously above her head, swords stemming from Benghazi to ‘e-mailgate’ to the activities of the Clinton Foundation, not to mention the huge speaking fees racked up by the then-secretary of state and her former president husband, fees that dwarf what ordinary folks in the political or business world typically command, fees that suggest . . . what? That perhaps her paying hosts figured such costs were a good investment?

And Clinton not only promises to be a third term for the outgoing incumbent, doubling down on President Obama’s most controversial decisions to date, she bids fair to come down even further to his left, trumping the Vermont socialist himself.

This presidential election season is shaping up to be a humdinger with no one on the ticket for whom a rational conservative can cast a vote, and, if nothing changes between now and November, a president in the White House who’s as likely to sell the sheets in the Lincoln Bedroom as rename it as just one more bauble in a gaudy treasure trove of his personalized properties. Perhaps the Trump Taj South?

Maybe a nice casino on the White House Lawn would kick up property values in the neighborhood.

In this incredible election season the American electorate at last seems to have lost its collective mind.


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Stuart W. Mirsky, a former New York City official and longtime Republican activist, is the author of several books, including a historical novel about Vikings and Indians in eleventh-century North America (“The King of Vinland's Saga”); a Holocaust memoir about a young Jewish girl trapped in eastern Poland at the height of World War II (“A Raft on the River”), and a work of contemporary moral philosophy (“Choice and Action”) exploring the linguistic and logical underpinnings of our ethical beliefs.


  1. I’d prefer Jewish Bernie Sanders over Jeb Bush. Has the world forgotten about Prescott Bush the father of George Prescott Bush whom was friends with Adolph Hitler? No one realizes George ran the show not Reagan the actor. Then people wonder why east Germany’s wall came down during his term. Hey east Germany we’re in power again so your safe to take the wall down. Is all common sense lost completely? The USA now feeds fluoride to all citizens as Hitler did to HaShems people in death labor camps.

  2. We have seen how anti Israel Hillary was as Secretary of State. Then there is the problem of her close aids, Huma Abedin with her close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sid Blumenthal who fed Hillary a constant flow of anti Israe propaganda while collecting a big salary from the Clinton Foundation. Then there are the millions paid in speaking fees and "donations" to the Clinton foundation from a host of Muslim tyrants. Then there is Bernie who has embraced the BDS movement and radical Arab cause. And both these Democrats have sought the support of Al Sharpton, a vile anti-Semite with blood on his hands. As a Jew I will enthusiatically vote for Donald Trump and work to defeat the Dem candidate, whichever anti Israel and ant-Semite they pick.

  3. You got that right, absolutely positively right. From the deep boiling oil to the raw fire. No choice. How can a proud and wonderful country do this to its citizens? Incredible! As though no one in the U.S. Is smart any more.

  4. The bottom line is whether you like him or not with all his supposed flaws, Trump has accomplished more in his career than any of his poitical adversaries. The master of the "Art of the Deal" came out of nowhere to defeat all his Republican primary rivals. It takes skill and gamesmanship to do that. That's one of the characteristics we need in the White House. And furthermore, he is not in anyone's pocket. Please explain what issues you disagree with him on. Immigration, jobs, economic leadership, a better health insurance system for the middle class.( and that I am somewhat of an expert on), better foreign policy insight, etc.? Also, a reliable ally to israel and our traditional allies and a lot more. So please specify, what is your negative?

  5. This is outrageous. Hillary Clinton has a long distinguished record as Senator and Secretary of State. Go back and listen to her Aipac speech before you call her a poor choice. Every Jewish voter ought to be looking forward to her election as president.

  6. Trump is a direct threat to the New World Order. The Sine qua non of its proponents is the demise of the nation-states. There is no one world government with an America with secure borders or a State of Israel, a homeland for the Jewish people? This will get very ugly because he is challenging evil, power hungry, deluded demagogues.

  7. Hillary would be the worst choice in the history of America. She should have been in prison long ago for all her lies and crimes.
    Any body who thinks she would be the right person, is crazy. She would be bad for Israel, Bernie would be a disaster . He was born to Jewish parents, He is a Jewish anti Semite. Maybe some Mohel (circumciser) could take a forskin from a baby he has circumcised and transplant it onto Bernies shmeckle. the hh can hide his Jewishness

  8. Some peole hate Trump because he wants to deport a few million illegals. What are they doing in USA?
    Have they "stolen" jobs from the locals?
    What have they done for America.

    I want to live in America, but dont have a green card. Would I be allowed to stay? NO I would be arrested and sent back home, even if I came with a profession which would help others

  9. This article is nothing but a typical rant by a typical leftist American Jew who no doubt voted for Obama not once but twice in spite of the fact that all the writing was on the wall from day one that Obama was a communist and Muslim sympathiser (if not a Muslim), a man whose only claim to fame was that he was a community advisor but in reality a community rabble rouser and whose constitutional legitimacy to the Presidency is still in doubt.
    Trump offers leadership to the USA and the world. A man who is not politically correct and cannot be bought by special interests. It is time the majority of you American Jews woke up to yourselves.

  10. I am Jewish and our best bet is Trump…some folks are
    afraid of the truth…Obama is in Hiroshima apologizing
    again…hope the japs apologize for Pearl Harbor and
    all the crimes they committed sgsinst the chinese, filipinos
    koreans etc. And hope to see him on Dec 7 bright and
    early to pay homage to that great generation…the likes
    of which will never see again…Viva USA!!!!

  11. Hey trump may be loud, he may be crude but at least you know where he's coming from…Clinton is a liar. She has forked tongue. Tells you what you want to hear then changes….she gets in the Jews, whether American, British, Israel and so forth look out cause she's not for u. She will continue to do what Obama is doing and that is to take the glory for bringing peace to the Middle East. And we all know to bring peace once again the Israelites will have to concede and become like a street that gets walked on. As for the American Jews who do not support Israel and are nothing but critical of Israel, be wary, you go against Israel you go against the God you are supposed to love and obey….I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

  12. Gil Solomon – The last time I looked we still have a Constitution guaranteeing me a right of free speech. That said, Trump has a lot of good points, but he also has some negatives. Being a true Jew, then you should/would want and push for a POTUS candidate with the character qualities of a man and a leader that God has set forth in His Noly Word. Now, I understand that ALL of the Jewish leaders through history were not perfect, including David and neither is Trump. But, David had God in his heart. Trump does not. When Trump was asked, if he had ever asked God for forgiveness? Trumps repsonse was that He didn't need, too. He didn't have anything of which to ask for forgiveness. That is a BIG RED FLAG WAVING! However, God uses even bad people to get the attention of people, whether it is His "Chose" People or just any people. Trump will probably be the next POTUS. Then the rubber will hit the road and we shall see. I hope he does well and allows god to guide.

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