Tax Evasion And Tax Avoidance: Bechorot 34a; Berachot 35b; Sanhedrin 5a; Gittin 81a.

There is nothing as certain as death and taxes, so the saying goes. Almost equally certain is the phenomenon of the living trying to avoid or evade taxes.


A week after Hurricane Sandy, the Blums still had no electricity. They had run extension cords to a neighbor's house to power some basic items, like the fridge and telephone, but the protracted living without power was taking its toll on the family.

Is It Proper…? How Tolerant Should a Person Be Of a Son-In-Law’s Desire To...

How tolerant should a person be of a son-in-law’s desire to keep his own minhagim at his (the father-in-law’s) Yom Tov table?

Reading The Labels For Pesach

First, the punishment for eating chametz on Pesach is karet, premature death at the Hand of God.

What are YOU Doing About Shemita?

My absolute preference is supporting Jewish farmers! I invest effort&expense in Otzar Bet Din goods

I Repaid The Loan Before The Maturity Date. Is That A Believable Defense? Siman...

Generally speaking there is a rule that a debt cannot be enforced against minor heirs because they have no ability to defend themselves.

You Lie!

Each of the witnesses, in turn, testified that they saw Mr. Lander lend Mr. Braun $2,000 on Chanukah. Mr. Braun's advocate cross-examined them, but their testimony stood intact.

Is The Shabbos Sale Valid?

Mr. Appel was concerned. "That means that Mr. Moskowicz took the computer on Shabbos!" he said to himself. "I never sell things on Shabbos! What about the money?"

Is It Proper…? Is it okay for a young man to leave his parents’...

Is it okay for a young man to leave his parents’ mesorah and join another (e.g., for a chassid to become yeshivish, for a dati le’umi/Modern Orthodox Jew to become black-hat, etc.)?

Daf Yomi

An Early Navigational Instrument ‘Rabbi Gamliel Used His Tube To Measure…’ (Eruvin 43b)

Is It Proper To Wear Flip Flops To Shul On Yom Kippur?

To be honest, even wearing running shoes which many of us, myself included, do on Yom Kippur often feels a bit strange to me.

Daf Yomi

A Miraculous Visual Treat “They Lifted It Up To Show…” (Chagiga 26b)

Settled For Less

But I borrowed the phone, so your liability is to me, responded Avi. Who cares what went on between me and Yitzi?

Daf Yomi

Shortchanged? ‘You Shall Count 50 Days’ (Menachos 65b)

Fee Vs. Fee

Even if she earns more than the required amount, the husband is entitled to the extra earnings in lieu of the additional money that he provides her for personal expenses, beyond her basic sustenance of food, shelter, and clothing (E.H. 70:3).

Daf Yomi

A Siyum Validates It ‘Thereupon The Decrees Were Annulled’ (Ta’anis 18a)

Daf Yomi

Is It A Penalty? ‘Why Not Deal With False Evidence?’ (Bava Kamma 5a)

Daf Yomi

The Decree Of 1587 “Two Kabs Of Dinars Were Given… To King Yanai” (Yevamos 61a)

Does The Passageway Become A Right Of Way?

It was nice of your neighbor to allow you use of the alley, responded Mr. Stein, but did you ever buy the rights to that strip of property?

Daf Yomi

A Line Of Demarcation ‘…Until He Came… Between The Two Curtains…’ (Yoma 51b)

Can You Double-Bill Clients?

Usually you cannot double-bill, but the answer to your question depends on the contractual arrangement or local custom.

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Ownership ‘Here Too [It Means] Of Your Own’ (Pesachim 37b-38a)

Is It Proper To Watch Entertainment Videos On YouTube Or Tik Tok?

The challenge in all these areas is to somehow control that the information that the person is seeking to insure is beneficial for the Torah Jew and the moral growth of the individual.

Daf Yomi

Mitzvah Or Kinyan? ‘…Both Shall Have Intention At The Same Time …’ (Yevamos 102b)

Daf Yomi

Location! Location! ‘On and Off His Forehead’ (Pesachim 77a)

Daf Yomi

Spared Possible Punishment ‘Those Who Are New To The Ketores’ (Tamid 32b-33a)

Exceptions To The Hearsay Evidence Rule (Siman 75:23)

Had the plaintiff brought two witnesses to testify in his favor, he would have won the case and judgment would have been entered against the defendant.

Daf Yomi

Within His Grasp ‘Title…Is Established In Three Years’ (Bava Basra 28a)

Unmarked Stamp

Mr. Spitz was going through the mail. "Typical assortment," he grunted. "One third bills and financial documents, one third solicitations, and one third junk mail."

A Tefillin Mirror

Question: Must a bar mitzvah boy buy a mirror to ensure that his tefillin are perfectly center on his head?


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