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Daf Yomi

Priorities ‘According To Their Wisdom And Their Age’ (Bava Basra 120a)

Roast Cost

"No, I can't take more than $65," protested Mrs. Fleisher. "You may not owe me more than that."

Daf Yomi

Lost In Translation ‘A Shesua Is A Creature…’ (Niddah 24a)

Daf Yomi, Masechet Yoma

Even Moshe Rabbeinu, who spoke with God one on One, was not allowed to see Him during his lifetime. “You cannot see my face, for no man shall see me and live.” Ultimately, we shall all see God one on One and face not just Him but also ourselves and the lives we led.

Travel Expense Allowance

Mr. Muller spoke with some of the senior employees, who traveled often. He heard from them different approaches regarding travel expenses.

Daf Yomi

Last Will and Testament ‘A Deathbed Request Is Considered Sealed And Delivered’ (Gitin 14b)

Rooftop Blessing

"Tony said that the code in most places in the U.S. is at least 36 inches for a residential guardrail," replied Mr. Braun. "Some make it higher, 42, or even 52 inches for high porches. What is the required height according to halacha?"

Daf Yomi

Law Of Averages ‘Catacombs Are Four Cubits Long’ (Bava Basra 100b)

Wakeup Call (Midot 1:9)

At about 4 a.m. on cold and damp autumn mornings in London, Dad would try to wake us in time for Selichot, the pre-Jewish New Year dawn prayers. As we heard Dad’s footsteps mounting the stairs, my brother and I would hide under our covers and mutter our displeasure at being disturbed.

Daf Yomi

Two Talleisim ‘The Residue Of The Blood He Spills…’ (Zevachim 51a)

Is It Proper…? – Is It Appropriate for Young Men and Women From More...

Is it appropriate for young men and women from more sheltered backgrounds to attend singles events if they haven’t met their bashert after three or four years of dating?

Taking The Law Into One’s Own Hands (Siman 75:13) – Continued from last week

In this case, if the defendant had wanted to lie, he could have – instead of admitting he snatched it and explaining that it was stolen from him – simply denied that he snatched it altogether.

Replacement Check

The director picked up the phone to Rabbi Dayan. "One of our counselors lost his check," he said. "Do we have to issue a new one or is it his loss?"

Daf Yomi

A Matter Of Merit 'They Added Four Amos' (Zevachim 61b)

When Built

I can't accept that, said Mr. Mann. If you are not willing to honor the contract, we need to take up the issue in beis din.

When The Videographer Is Two Hours Late

"The videographer called and said he was in an accident," replied the Mr. Schott. "Thank G‑d nothing serious, but it delayed him two hours. He'll be here in 10 minutes."

Halacha and…Shaking Hands (Part I)

Question: Is there any halachic rationale for men to shake hands with women?

You Lie!

Each of the witnesses, in turn, testified that they saw Mr. Lander lend Mr. Braun $2,000 on Chanukah. Mr. Braun's advocate cross-examined them, but their testimony stood intact.

Daf Yomi

Ulla’s Murderous Companion ‘Yes! Cut Him Even Deeper’ (Nedarim 22a)

Is it Time to Abandon Kitniyot?

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim argues it is time for Ashkenazim to abandon the prohibition against Kitnyot. What do you think?

Daf Yomi

What About The Blood ‘They Were Not Really Babylonians…’ (Menachos 100a)

Should You Say Hallel in Shul On Seder Night?

It should be emphasized that if an Ashkenazi is in a shul on Seder night that recites Hallel, it is imperative that he or she not show any disrespect to the local custom.

Daf Yomi

Whose Fridge? ‘If the Owner Retains a Holding There’ (Eruvin 85b)

Siman 75:2

The reason one witness supporting the defendant excuses him from taking the Modeh Bemiktzat oath of partial admission is based on the same logic that obliges him to take the oath when one witness testifies against him.

Educational Damage

When they finished talking, David said: I acknowledge that I was wrong, but Rabbi Bloch still had no right to break my phone. He owes me for the repair.

Daf Yomi

Lulav, Sukkah, Shofar ‘Beautification is Not an Obstruction’ (Sukkah 37a)

Collecting For One Cause, Using The Money For Another

"What's the difference?" said the treasurer. "Let each person think he is a sponsor. No one knows who donated first!"

Marrying His Wife’s Sister

What if, at the moment of the late brother’s death, the surviving brother cannot effect yibum because the widow is a niddah?

Milk and Meat: The Dangerous Mixture

One is also obligated to destroy a mixture of meat & milk even if there's no intention to consume it

V.A.T. Refund

While in Israel, Dov purchased two large portraits. With the frames, the total price came to 1,200 NIS.


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