One Or Both?

"Could you please take my wallet?" Menachem asked. "I have two thousand cash in it. Make sure to put it in the safe."

Daf Yomi

Are We There Yet? “I Don’t Work on Yom Tov [Sheni]” (Pesachim 52a)

Daf Yomi

Where Angels Dare Not Tread ‘There Shall Be No Man In The Tent Of Meeting’ (Yoma 43b)

Borrowing In Dollars, Repaying In Shekels (Part II)

After considering the question, Rabbi Dayan said, "Since foreign currency is halachically considered a commodity, a loan of foreign currency is subject to the rules of commodity loans.

Leave It!

"I wasn't really thinking," replied Levi. "Things in the backyard usually don't need watching. I also didn't expect you to be away so long. One thing is clear, though: I never accepted responsibility for the cake."

Daf Yomi

Out Of One’s Box ‘All May Enter the Heichal to Build, Repair…’ (Eruvin 105a)

Daf Yomi

The Lost Or Relinquished Kesubah ‘A Couple May Not Live Even One Moment Without A Kesubah’ (Bava Kamma 89a)

Daf Yomi

In The Aftermath Of The Betar Massacre ‘Forty Se’ah Of Tefillin Casings Were Found…’ (Gittin 57b-58a)

The Three Weeks And The Nine Days

The door to our troubles first opened on that Seventeenth day of Tammuz when Moses walked in on the worshippers of the golden calf and shattered the tablets of the law.

Daf Yomi

No Trespass ‘Two Gardens: One Above The Other…’ (Bava Metzia 118b)

Daf Yomi

An Expression Unique in Shas “I Am Neither Wise…” (Pesachim 105b)

Handwritten Admissions (Choshen Mishpat 79:7-8)

The rule with respect to a chashud al hashevuah is that the right to take an oath is transferred to the plaintiff.

Machine Matzah Today: Better Or Worse?

The amount of time machine matzah spends in the oven should give us serious pause.

Is it Time to Abandon Kitniyot?

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim argues it is time for Ashkenazim to abandon the prohibition against Kitnyot. What do you think?

Is A Ketubah An Enforceable Contract In American Courts?

Indeed, there are several reasons that a ketubah should not be enforced in New York – or anywhere in America – beyond those which the court mentioned.

Why Didn’t Mordechai Flee?

Question: Why did Mordechai refuse to bow to Haman, thus endangering the entire Jewish people? Couldn’t he have simply fled Shushan?

Pandemic Parenting

Gam zeh yaavor is a beautiful Jewish wisdom. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good and not the bad. This difficult time will pass.

Drinks To Make Kiddush Over

Just because God has given us a weekly lifetime subscription to paradise, we should not take Shabbat for granted. No gift should go unacknowledged and no giver should go forgotten.

Daf Yomi

A Sage View ‘It Needs A Partition To Divide It’ (Eruvin 47b-48a)

Daf Yomi

The Rambam That Engendered Fifty Novella ‘He Says to His Maidservant: You Are Free’ (Temura 25b)


"I have no doubt you should pay the full value of the repair," replied Zvi, "but I'm willing to ask Rabbi Dayan how much you owe."

Modeh Bemiktzat Oath In The Case Of Partial Admission (Siman 75:4)

The security interest is equivalent to heilach, tendering payment of the debt, because it empowers the court to seize and sell the defendant’s land to cover the debt.

Can A Jew Shave On Chol HaMoed?

Rav Moshe says it’s muttar, strictly speaking, but since so many people don’t shave on Chol HaMoed, it’s better not to, he said.

Missing Husbands And Agunot

The court cannot solely rely on death certificates issued by non-Jewish institutions without conducting its own investigation into the facts of the case.

Daf Yomi

Facing The Consequences ‘Uncleanness Is Retroactive!’ (Nazir 16a)

Eating Matzah Before Pesach

Question: What is the basis of the custom to refrain from eating matzah for a period of time before Pesach?

The Origin Of The Shevuat Heiset (Siman 75:17)

It is upon the plaintiff to bring the required evidence to prove his case.

Degrees Of Murder (Bava Kamma 32b)

All persons accused of murder were confined to the cities of refuge during their trial in the Sanhedrin.

Muktzah On Yom Tov

There is also an additional category of muktzah, applicable mainly to food on Yom Tov, known as muktzah mechamat hachana, which means muktzah because one had no intention on Erev Yom Tov to eat such food on Yom Tov.

Can The Court Can Initiate Questions Leading To Judgment Against A Litigant? (Siman...

Before the Torah obliges a defendant to take the Modeh Bemiktzat oath of partial admission, the defendant must admit at least one perutah of the claim and deny two maot.


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