The Broken Stem

The lulav also symbolizes the scepter of victory with which we emerge after vanquishing the Yom Kippur prosecutor.

A True Disciple

Question: How can one determine whether someone is a true disciple of a rav, Rebbe, or rosh yeshiva?

Tzitzit – Inside Or Out?

Question: Must a Jew’s tzitzit strings hang on the outside of his pants?

Daf Yomi

A Murky Dispute ‘Water Does Not Void a Partition’ (Shabbos 100a)

Pull Out Or Push Over

Mr. Weiner walked over to the garbage can and pulled it out from under the board. The board fell to the ground with a thud and split. "Serves him right!" said Mr. Weiner. "I've warned him a hundred times not to take my things without permission!"

Daf Yomi

The Threat Of Death “Sign or Else…” (Kesubos 19a)

Night Appointment

"The issue is not just logistical," replied Mr. Kahn. "I thought that halacha requires that the beginning of the adjudication and acceptance of testimony be during daytime." (C.M. 5:2; 28:24)

The Menorah Revolution: Activism Through Light

A revolution is taking place between good and evil; light and darkness. Make the light activism!

Daf Yomi

The Lost Or Relinquished Kesubah ‘A Couple May Not Live Even One Moment Without A Kesubah’ (Bava Kamma 89a)

Daf Yomi

Are We There Yet? ‘I Don’t Work On Yom Tov [Sheni]’ (Pesachim 52a)

Tenant Improvements

Despite efforts to reach an agreement, Rabbi Gross and the landlord remained at odds. They came before Rabbi Dayan and asked: Does the landlord have to pay? Alternatively, can the yeshiva remove what it installed?

Daf Yomi

He's A Communist! ‘If He Calls Someone A Rasha…’ (Bava Metzia 71a)

Visiting The Sick On Shabbat And Weekdays (Nedarim 39b)

If the sick person is thrust into a situation where he is compelled to face his sickness head on, we who are not yet sick can encourage him by facing it with him.

Sefirat HaOmer

Football’s 49ers rarely drop the ball. But how many of us make it through 49 nights from the second night of Pesach all the way to Shavuot without losing count? Sometimes we never even make it to the first yard line. We are so busy preparing for second night Seder that we miss evening prayers in shul and forget to count Day One.

‘You Are Standing Here Today’

Rosh Hashana is referred to as a day of light. In what way is the day that we, and the entire world, stand in meticulous judgment a day of light?

May One Leave A Sefer Open?

It is explained that the reason one may not leave a sefer lying open is that there is an angel whose name is Sheid – an abbreviation for “shomer dapim” (guardian of [book] pages) – who causes anyone who leaves a sefer open to forget what he has learned.

Daf Yomi

Summer Eruvin ‘A Separate Contribution From Each’ (Eruvin 72b)

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (Bechorot 29 a)

There are no problems in life, only expenses. The compensation for performing a mitzvah is the opportunity to perform another mitzvah. These two truisms often conflict because, like most everything else in life, the performance of mitzvot often requires funding.

Rabbi Dayan’s Shemittah Lessons

The shemittah year cancels outstanding loans that are past due, although nowadays, we usually write a pruzbul to allow collecting loans past shemittah, based on an enactment of Hillel.

Double Credit

"Halacha differentiates between giving a gift, forgoing a debt [mechila], and granting permission to take something," answered Rabbi Dayan.

Daf Yomi

Was Shmuel Not The Greatest? ‘3,000 Halachos Were Forgotten’ (Temurah 16a)

Daf Yomi

Like Father Like Son ‘A Man Is Obligated To Train His Son’ (Nazir 29a)

What are YOU Doing About Shemita?

My absolute preference is supporting Jewish farmers! I invest effort&expense in Otzar Bet Din goods

Daf Yomi

It’s All In The Giving ‘Five Laws Require A Minimum Peruta’ (Bava Metzia 55a)

Daf Yomi

The Threat Of Death ‘Sign or Else…’ (Kesubos 19a)

Weekly World Wide Havdalah to be Introduced Online will be streaming an inspiring/live/MUSICAL/global Havdalah(NOT to fulfill obligation)

May Tisha B’Av Be Annulled?

Question: Does a contemporary bet din have the authority to annul Tisha B’Av considering that the fast day is rabbinical, not biblical, in origin?

Do We Begin The Shavuot Yom Tov Earlier Or Later?

Many authorities rule that the custom to wait until nightfall on Shavuot only applies to the recitation of Kiddush.6 It would be permissible, however, to recite Maariv before this time.

Daf Yomi

Curling Peiyos “Hair of a Nazir” (Nazir 42a)


Today, few people fast during the Days of Selichot, but the custom is to rise early to recite Selichot.


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