Photo Credit: Shira Hershkop
(It's just makeup) a "wounded" girl in an Efrat rescue exercise. Nov. 19, 2019

[All the photos of “wounded” people in this article are just makeup. Photos by Efrat Municipality, United Hatzalah, Israel Dog Unit, Shira Hershkop and]

A mass-casualty multi-force rescue training exercise took place in Efrat on Tuesday evening, in the Orot Etzion girls elementary school.


The scenario was that the roof of the school building collapsed leaving many realistic-looking wounded survivors (it’s all makeup, don’t worry) inside the school building and trapped under the rubble.

The Efrat Sa’ar (First Rescue Unit) trained in removing the wounded from under the rubble, while MDA EMTs and Paramedics treated the many wounded. United Hatzalah EMTs tended to the evacuated wounded at local emergency medical center. Also participating was the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) which sniffed out the wounded under the rubble, the Efrat drone team which searched for survivors from above, soldiers from the IDF Home Front Command, and local police.

(It’s just makeup) a “wounded” boy in an Efrat rescue exercise. Nov. 19, 2019

Don’t lose your head.

United Hatzalah volunteers in the Efrat rescue training exercise. Nov. 19, 2019