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Jerusalem Day Emoji Puzzle

We’d like to thank our readers who sent us the solutions to the Jerusalem Emoji Puzzle.

SPOILER ALERT (solution below)



Here you go:


1. Light Rail
2. Chords Bridge
3. Lion’s Gate
4. Flower Gate
5. Rachamim (Mercy) Gate
6. Cat Square
7. Kikar Safra
8. Bell Garden
9. Hamifletzet (Monster)
10. Givat HaMatos (Airplane Hill)
11. Sultan’s Pool
12. Ammunition Hill
13. French Hill
14. Bayit v’Gan (House and Garden)
15. Russian Compound
16. Ein Karem (Eye Vineyard)
17. Ramat Eshkol (Cluster Heights)
18. Meah Shearim (100 Gates)
19. Mount of Olives
20. German Colony
21. Nachalat Shiva
22. Givat Masua
23. Kiryat Yovel (Yovel is 50)
24. Tzamarot HaBira
25. Pisgat Ze’ev (Ze’ev is wolf)
26. Beit Hakerem
27. Tzomet Pat
28. Har HaBayit (Temple Mount)
29. Biblical Zoo
30. Cardo (Kar is cold)
31. Hulda Gate  (Hulda is a rat)
32. Beit Yisrael


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