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A 19 year old girl went to the Temple Mount, praying for the speedy recovery of some ill people, and was taken away by the police. Why? And what was it like? Sara Rivka Cohen joins Tamar Yonah and talks about her detention at the Police Station and her firm belief that every Jew has the right to pray on the Temple Mount.

Also, P.A. Leader Mahmoud Abbas says Israel can’t make a deal with the Hamas – without him! And that any money going to Gaza, must pass through his authority first. How much of that money will stick in his hands?
Also, how much time do Jews in the West have to be able to safely come on aliyah?


-with guests:

Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, author of the book: Muslim Winter…ook/dp/B005ER9J88

Shifra Hoffman of


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