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Can you imagine back thousands of years in the times when we had the Holy Temple when the Levites, sang, their voices where almost magical. What do we need to learn today about the Levites and how to use our voice? PLUS: Rosh HaShana, or the Jewish New Year, is the time we make extra efforts to return to the path that the Creator of the Universe gave to us to follow. And on this show, we are not only going to take a look at the Jews of today and our return, or repentance, but also to non-Jews who STEM from Jewish roots – in this case, the Bnei Annusim, the decedents of Jewish families who were forced to convert to Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition.
Today’s Guests:

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman – She has authored 12 books, including the book: ‘THE VOICE: A SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO SINGING, SPEAKING AND COMMUNICATING – THE KABBALAH OF THE VOICE’



Rhonda Attar – Torah Teacher, and co-Director of the Tomer Devorah synagogue and Beit Midrash in Kochav Yakov, dedicated to the values of Love your Neighbor as yourself.


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