Photo Credit: Flash 90
Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau (L) and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef attend a meeting of the Rabbinate Council in Jerusalem

The conversion to Judaism by popular Israeli Arab vocalist Nasreen Qadri will not be recognized by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, nor by the Interior Ministry, according to Hadashot News.

Qadri was informed the conversion would not be recognized because it was carried out by a rabbi who is independent from the state network of Rabbinate authorities authorized to conduct conversions.


According to the report, the vocalist allegedly selected the rabbi who conducted her conversion due to his leniency on the question of “kol Isha” – the rulings regarding a woman’s voice and her singing, which are complex.

Many strict Orthodox rabbis maintain that a woman is prohibited from singing in public before mixed or male audiences under Torah law. Other, more “modern” rabbis believe there is some room for leniency but there is much fierce debate about it.

Qadri was also photographed for a birthday post on Instagram earlier this week, wearing a flattering cranberry-colored slacks suit – beautiful, but also a form of attire that challenges Torah law under most circumstances.