Photo Credit: Shifra Hoffman

Tamar Yonah interviews the one-of-a-kind ICONIC Shifra Hoffman, Jewish Activist exemplar!
In the first part of the show, Tamar talks about the mistakes many couples make when they get divorced. Afterwards, she invites on Shifra Hoffman for a one on one interview, about her life, her political activities, her radio show, and the work she does until this day, helping the Jewish People. Whether they are victims of Arab terror, lone soldiers, or the poor and needy, Shifra invites them to her table! Shifra Hoffman is truly one remarkable woman, a hero to those who love her, and a wake up call to those who don’t. Shifra is simply an inspiration, and the world needs her straight, shoot from the hip candor.

Shifra is the Founder of and the Director of


Tamar Yonah 28March2017 – PODCAST


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