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The Holiday of Passover is the time when we remember our exodus from Egypt, from being slaves to Pharaoh, to receiving the Torah and all the commandments at Mount Sinai.
Throughout the ages, there have been people born outside of the Jewish religion who have wanted to be a Jew and take on the commandments of the Torah and a live a Jewish way of life. It is said by our sages that these people have a spark of a Jewish soul in them. They feel this inner pull, and they yearn to live a Jewish life with the Jewish nation. On this show, we talk about CONVERTING TO JUDAISM, the real way to do it, including the hows and whys.

Tamar’s guest is Rabbi Chaim Coffman.  Rabbi Coffman runs a page called ‘Beyond Orthodox Conversion to Judaism‘ on facebook. He has a blog at And he also has a youtube page at ‘Rabbi Chaim Coffman‘.
He does a live video once a week on youtube for Tenak Talk on controversial issues as well.


If you ever thought you wanted to convert to Judaism, or know someone who does, then this is the show to listen to!

The Tamar Yonah Show 04April2017 – PODCAST

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