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Today the main threat to the security of Israel is Iran. That is because some years ago, their real plans, Hegemony over the Middle East backed by nuclear weapons and the intention to destroy the State of Israel were not taken seriously enough.

In this programme Walter takes you back to 2010, to hear the warnings by a former IDF General and advisor to the Prime Minister, and a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the government of Canada.


Walter concludes that the actions of the Obama administration allowed Iran to act with impunity, which is tantamount to complicity and he asserts that the rest of the international community has been fooled by Iran’s clever diplomacy.

It is now 2017, seven years later and in addition to her nuclear weapon development Iran is bankrolling international terrorism.

When will the world wake up?

Also: An introduction to the festival of Passover.

The Walter Bingham File 02April2017 – PODCAST


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