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It happened during the night from November 9th. to 10th in 1938 when Jewish life under the Hitler regime effectively ended.

It was Kristallnight (Kristallnacht), – when all Jewish Synagogues in Germany, Austria and the already Nazi occupied western part of Czechoslovakia were torched, the holy artifacts stolen or destroyed, thousands of Jewish businesses smashed up and 30,000 Jewish men taken to Concentration Camps.


That was the beginning of the end. What followed was the Holocaust.
(although I believe that the Holocaust started when Hitler came to power)

Walter describes in vivid detail what he experienced.

That is followed by a historic sound file from the first Shabbat service in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration camp after the liberation and an interview with the Rabbi who conducted it and spent 2 months there.

Now hear the most harrowing report of conditions in that camp, as described by a British Senior doctor during his visit just after liberation.

To learn how it was made possible to transport millions to these factories of death, Walter talks to an expert on the history of the German Railways during the Holocaust.

The Walter Bingham File 06Nov2018 – PODCAST

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