There have been 33 terror attacks this week – 292 since the beginning of 2019.

Last Thursday, three Arabs entered the Kumi Ori neighborhood of Yizhar and approached very close to a house while its female resident was alone inside. She managed to summon the local security force, who, with the help of other residents, drove the Arabs back to their village. A riot began in the village and the IDF carried out riot control.


On Friday afternoon, an Arab crowd rioted in the village of Urif and attacked IDF soldiers.

On Saturday night, a bus was stoned near the village of Hizma and the driver was lightly injured and required medical treatment.

On Sunday, Arabs threw stones at Jewish vehicles in a number of locations.

On Monday, during an Arab riot in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers were attacked with stones and Molotov cocktails.

In the course of the disturbances, IEDs and grenades were thrown at IDF forces and moderately injured a soldier who was evacuated for medical treatment.

On Monday afternoon, Arabs threw an explosive device at a military force in the village of Anabta in Samaria.

On Tuesday, an IDF soldier was wounded in the village of Nahalin after Arabs had attacked a force operating in the area, and earlier on, Arabs from Nakhlin set a tire on fire on the security fence of Beitar Ilit.

Throughout Tuesday evening, thousands of Arabs rioted on the Gaza border. Hundreds of Arabs also rioted and attacked police on the Temple Mount after they had uprooted a gate.

On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, IDF forces operated in the village of Al ‘Arub. During the operation, the forces were attacked and a soldier was wounded.

In the city of Shechem, soldiers accompanied thousands of Jewish worshipers who came to Joseph’s Tomb. The soldiers were attacked by an Arab mob.

Arabs threw five Molotov cocktails at an IDF force guarding the northern entrance to Efrat.

(Source: Hakol Hayehudi)