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Some 240 years ago, a man named al-Fishawy began serving coffee to his friends in an alley of Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili district each evening after prayers. The al-Fishawy’s gatherings grew larger and stretched longer, and the rest is history.

Qahwat al-Fishawi (Fishawy’s Café) is the most renowned café in the Arab world and a monument to the traditional Egyptian way of relaxing with friends—and the occasional stranger— over coffee, tea and tobacco.


We pray for the residents of Cairo to be able to emerge from their current strife and to return to their sweet and harmless (except for the tobacco thing) way.



  1. It could be anywhere people are just trying to enjoy life.  It’s a pity they – and the rest of us as well, – are swept up in having to take sides, decide whom to hate, whom to love and live that way.  Maybe what we need are more “communal” cafes!!  Something where we can all relax and live without picking a fight.  You don’t have to believe in MY God, and please don’t ask me to believe in YOURS!!


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