Photo Credit: GPO
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (file)

Unlike the previous election, this time around Prime Minister Netanyahu is clearly investing his time and efforts to make sure the Likud does well.

Repeatedly, his commercials are well thought out and amusing.


In this latest commercial Netanyahu is making fun of the Israeli media for coming up with one nonsense scandal or another, while he’s doing important things.

This is the Netanyahu that wins elections, and he is clearly back, and at the top of his game.



  1. NBC Propaganda Cost Lives. NBC propaganda against Israel cost many lives, dozens of Israelis and hundreds of innocent Arabs. Hamas would not have used human shields, or even killed innocent Arabs themselves, except for the propaganda networks, led by NBC, blaming the deaths on Israel. In the worst case, at least one NBC reporter and one NBC cameraman helped Hamas stage a rocket attack on the Gaza Hospital. The rocket was fired by Hamas, not Israel, and NBC knowingly lied. The NBC reporters were given advance notice, were told where to stand, and were told to blame the rocket attack on Israel. This premeditated murder cost innocent lives, and the NBC personnel were willing accomplices to that murder.

  2. I can't help being pulled into his charisma. If one of the republican candiidates in the US had his charisma,he would be a shoo-in to win. Seriously I believe that at this moment he is the most appropriate prime minister. The Iranian gov,Hamas ,and hezbelah are his best helpers in the probable success of the political arena.

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