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F-16 fighter jets in flight. (Illustration photo)

U.S. President Barack Obama apparently has taken a second look at the spreading influence and control over territory wielded by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group, and reconsidered his options as Commander-in-Chief.

His vow to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the barbaric terror organization changed in a speech Friday to “degrade and ultimately defeat” the group.


According to a retired U.S. Army officer and military analyst interviewed by the Washington Times, That’s a big change: there’s a major military difference between the two terms.

“Destroying the enemy… means we will kill all combatants and their means to continue the fight – factories, transportation networks, economy,” explained military analyst Robert Maginnis. Defeat could mean a political solution that leaves the enemy combatants alive and ready to fight another day.”

Political leaders in the U.S. are debating the level of resources to commit to this particular war on terror, not understanding its relevance to the homeland because it is being fought outside the United States. A number of ISIS-linked operatives have already been caught in the U.S. by law-enforcement agents.

Intelligence sources have made it clear that at least 100 American-born terrorists have flown to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS; some were already sent back to the U.S. to form their own sleeper cells to await attack orders from abroad. Others remain with the group in order to translate documents and help produce the slick Internet recruitment materials — including an online magazine, “Inspire” — that ISIS uses to draw more Western young people to its cause.

The group already controls large swathes of territory across Iraq and Syria, and has used homegrown operatives to infiltrate farther-flung areas such as the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, Israel, and numerous cities throughout Europe as well.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. He is as twisted as his words bringing judgment on American weather for neglecting Israel when she needed him a dammed crooked vermin leader of a lost America who doesn’t trust in God if she ever did I wonder he is as crooked as the weather he brought on America as a judgment for all his political sins against Israel and it seems there is no way back to God for American people politically sad to say

  2. Because the American people have already offered President Obama TWO terms in office, I think that they deserve a ‚bonus’ of another four-year term in office for President Obama: 2016-2020!
    This is because ISIS still needs some time…

  3. Obama is an idiot who, if he does not want to use the right words, uses terms with ambiguous meanings. Terrorists are now "armed insurgents'" but not necessarily bad guys. This is Americas fault. We elected somebody we did not know. He seemed to speak well. We took a chance, but we lost. He does not ever see a "red line." He wants to cross bridges when he gets to them, but he isn't aware of where the bridge is. His foreign policy is catch as catch can. (Hint; He does not have one).His priorities are way off. He wants to go back to being friendly with Cuba. He expected that all he needed to do was say that the embargo ended. The problem is, that there are no concessions from Cuba, which wants restitution for all these years of being a fallen power. Congress will have to do the actual work, but Obamas word is not enough. This is done for economic reasons. It will allow more American dollars into Cuba. Two more years to go and he is out. but he doesn't care, because he has no more races to run. I hope he has the popularity of Jimmie Carter.

  4. Without a strong military force with an army on the ground in the area, it''ll be hard to defeat ISIS. Air power can't do it alone. Obama couldn't fight his way out of a paper sack. Obama has no "strategy" except expediency. His mouthpieces from the U.N., the State Dept., and the National Security Advisor say nothing of substance. He abandoned Iraq and it's hard for me to think that the Iraqis can defeat ISIS, considering the Shia/Sunni schism. Who's going to put men on the ground? Turkey? Saudi Arabia? Jordan? They're too busy fighting verbally among themselves. Can the U.S. do much over there?

  5. now we see the real face of obama hes dirty muslim face how he can say somethings like that? i pray that not one americain falling in to isis hands ,then obama will give a about . amreicain's weak up your obama making slow an muslim country of america

  6. mr. fineman i understand you but why people dint check that guy obama before he was runing for president hes past shows that he had lot of radical and terrorists conection he is a liar , he cheated the americain population with hes bright smile and white teeth omg how the americans can falling in to such an piece? soon obama will make from the usa an muslim country be sure of that .

  7. hello dont go that far he abondonet even the american people with all hes promisses he done. now he is busy with twoo thinks 1 get good freinds with iran , and isis , what a piece of s… is that president ? soon the world will turn the back on the USA and belive all the allies will even dont put the word USA in to there mouth is that what the american people was thinking about there future with an muslim president ???? all atlk about israel mr netanijahu but belive or not he fight for our country , and by the way: the king of jordan schow obama what means be the head of a stte .. sorry to say some mens have two heads maybe both of obaama is by michelle

  8. More appeasement, more encouragement to a mortal enemy. They were falling short on leadership so the President released 5 of the most dangerous Al Quaeda Murderers in exchange for a Deserter that should have been hanged. Instead his parents were welcomed at the Whitehouse as Celebrities and honored guests! Obama is a Closet Muslim, no ifs ands or buts about it! Stop denying reality this man is EVIL!

  9. He is quick, clever and elusive. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean he is wise. He is also undiplomatic, oblivious and hot-headed. We all know someone who believes "It's my way or the highway". That seems to be his mantra. He is the guiding light….Not getting caught is his theme. He seems to think of himself as invulnerable, which has lead America into a very dangerous situation. He is, in essence, a big bag of hot air who will not accept responsibility. He will do a world of harm to those who believe in and follow him. He just doesn't know or believe it, himself.

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