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Haredi Soldier’s Recruitment Message

This video clip was WhatsApped to me by a reader on Monday. It totally speaks for itself.


The 97th Netzah Yehuda (Judah’s Eternity) Battalion, formerly known as the Nahal Haredi, is a battalion in the IDF Kfir Brigade. The unit was set ups to allow Haredi Jewish men to serve as combat soldiers in the proper atmosphere required by their religious upbringing, including strict observance of Halakha. The battalion’s primary area of operations is near Ramallah in Samaria.

The battalion was founded in 1999 and originally numbered only 30 soldiers. Its inception followed some 18 months of discussions by a group of Haredi educators, led by Rabbi Yitzhak Bar-Chaim. By 2009, the battalion had more than 1,000 soldiers, becoming a permanent and fully functioning battalion.

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