Inspectors of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority on Friday released to the Mediterranean two sea turtles after several they had received months of medical care.

David, a mature brown female sea turtle, was found at sea in Israel’s central region and reached the Parks Authority’s rescue center in October 2018, after her appendages had become entangled with a fishing line, two hooks became stuck in her mouth, and she suffered from a broken armor.


After the hooks were removed by the rescue center staff, David spent several days in intensive care until she became stable and concluded her antibiotics treatment.

In order to repair the armor fracture, an external fixation was constructed on the fracture. After a few days she was transferred to the pool in the treatment room and was under medical supervision until her full recovery.

Michael, a young brown male sea turtle arrived at the rescue center in December 2018 after being found on the seashore in the Sorek area. He was suffering from abrasions and superficial injuries to the head and armor.

In the rescue center, Michael underwent comprehensive tests, including a CT scan that was performed by the veterinarian Dr. Tzachi Eisenberg of the Kol Chai clinic in Rehovot. No additional injuries were detected.

Michael remained in the treatment room for medical supervision until his full recovery.


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