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Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders last week told the AIPAC leadership he couldn’t make it to their conference because of conflicting schedules. But, just to be on the safe side, he delivered a campaign speech in Utah Monday that would have had the AIPAC folks tar and feather him, and possibly drive him out of town facing the tail on the back of a mule. So, add the adjective “Coward” to “Vermont Socialist.”

“To my mind, as friends — long-term friends with Israel — we are obligated to speak the truth as we see it. That is what real friendship demands, especially in difficult times,” Sanders said. “But to be successful, we have also got to be a friend not only to Israel, but to the Palestinian people, where in Gaza unemployment today is 44 percent and we have there a poverty rate which is almost as high.”


Which is all Israel’s fault, naturally. Gaza used to be a blossoming garden, a rock of democracy and religious freedom in the Middle East, until Israel came by and drove it to its current sad state. Thousands of rockets shot at Israeli civilian centers? What rockets? What we see is what it is: a wealthy Israel next door to a stagnant Gaza — let’s be Israel’s friends and blame it all on her.

And he repeated the Arab lies about how Israel stealing Arab water: “Inadequate water supply has contributed to the degradation and desertification of Palestinian land. A lasting peace will have to recognize Palestinians are entitled to control their own lives, and there is nothing human life needs more than water.”

It stings worse when you hear it from a fellow Jew. We’re no fans of Hillary Clinton, but the Utah speech should also be the Jewish nail in Sanders presidential coffin.

And, having absorbed the hopeless outcome of the Israeli pullout from Gaza in 2005, which ended in 11 years so far of conflict and destruction, Sanders solution is simple: “Peace will mean ending what amounts to the occupation of Palestinian territory, establishing mutually agreed upon borders, and pulling back settlements in the West Bank, just as Israel did in Gaza.” Because it worked so well in Gaza.

To remind you, the Gaza expulsion involved about 8,000 Jews. In Judea and Samaria live an estimated 400,000 Jews, unless Bernie also wants to kick out the Jews of eastern Jerusalem, in which case you’re talking 750,000 Jews — in an Israel that has pulled way further to the right politically since 2005, having experienced what happens after you give away territory to the Arabs.

Bernie Sanders has abandoned all pretense of being a friend of Israel, never mind his declarations of friendship. In a calculated, cynical move, he has associated himself with the worst anti-Semitic forces in the US today. Compared with Students for a Free Palestine (SFP), the thugs who today are making life hell for Jews across America’s campuses, David Duke and the KKK are polite. And, make no mistake about it, SFP and the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) are Bernie Sanders’ ideological partners this election.

Bernie Sanders is now officially an enemy of the Jewish State.



  1. Angela Curry, are you really that stupid?

    Hamas fired over 4000 rockets targeting Israeli civilians in the last war which was a war crime.

    Amniety international even stated Hamas committed war crimes by targeting civilians and using human shields.

    In cast lead the UN Goldstone report stated Hamas commited crimes against humanity for targeting civilisns.

    The only news source an idiot like you uses in not news, its Palestinian propaganda.

    You shoukd be ashamed of your blaitant ingnorance.

  2. You don't know what you are talking about. One day you will regret what you say and think as you will be judged by others only as a Jew, if you are one, by the world you are trying to be part of instead of acting and thinking like a true Jew. Don't call yourself one because a true Jew would not say what you you are saying.

  3. Alan – It takes two to tango. I didn't say that Jews were responsible. I said that they weren't blameless. Daniel Paul Gold – I meant Jews, some who live in Israel, some who send money from the USA, some who promote candidates favorable to Israel, but your point stands and it is well taken. It is certainly not all Jews.

  4. Belyeu Vansant ,Not a case of who is right or wrong. Each side has a reason to it's own objectives. They need to go back to the very start. To 1948. It takes two opposing forces to create friction. Balfour declaration failed to properly assess BOTH sides. Palestine was not included. It was not the property of U.N. to be handing over. If Israel has to give back anything, then the U.N. OWES Israel ammicable compensation. Or is U.N. trying to renigg on what was agreed upon after WW2? Too many loose ends.

  5. With respect to my Jewish friends, a two state solution has been overwhelmingly supported by most all the world for 40 years now. No lobby group like AIPAC and powerful moneyed interests should control U. S. policy so completely as they have been on this issue for such a long time. The U. S. has paid dearly for taking sides in this fight. It is long past time to abide by the U. N. resolution for a 2 state solution, and the U.S. must be objective or no resolution to the horrible situation and killing will ever be obtained.

  6. Louisa, Israel has existed for 68 years so what happened 40 years ago!? Maybe the Jews won a war started by the arabs and reclaimed part of their land, at which time the world finally decided they should get involved on the side of the arab!!??

  7. Dain Laguna he dissed AIPAC and his Jewish homeland and on the same day didn't mention the fact that the Palestinians of Gaza have been using all their money on building bombs and tunnels to infiltrate Israel instead of creating their own country!! They are to blame for their poverty not Israel!! All they have to do is stop hating Israel and start making their lives better. Israel pulled out of Gaza, how could he make a statement like that on the very day that he said he was "too busy" to attend, even though the other candidates all made it!!!

  8. Mike Silva, first, the Balfour declaration was in 1917, not 1948.

    Based on your flawed commentary you don't even know what the Balfour declaration was.

    The Balfour declaration specifically states and calls for a "National home for the Jewish people in Palestine."

    The San Remo conference, Sykes-Picot agreement, White papers of 1922 and the British mandate of Palestine all call for a "national home in Palestine for the Jewish people."

    You moron, Palestine was transferred to the British mandate of Palestine by the Treaty of Severs and Lausanne in 1922-23.

    You are too stupid to understand that all of Palestine was Ottoman Turk land from the 15th century until the signing of the treaty of Lausanne in 1923 transferring title of Palestine -and other territories to the mandates.

    In 1947 the UN acted as the trustee for the British mandate and enacted Resolution 181. In an opinion decision the internation court of Justice stated that Resolution 181 was legal.

    Not one thing you said is even remotely correct. You are ignorant of everything you poorly attempted to explain.

  9. Actually that is what he calls himself, and it is not straight socialism at all. Most educated pundits call him a " New Dealer". Look it up. And for the record, we techinically live in an Oligarchy, not a Democracy. Terms shift and are tweaked, get educated, there is reality and then there is one word smears. Reality takes understanding and engagment.

  10. There is no Israeli opression.There is Islamic hate propped up by billion $ donation of Western racist anti semitic entities maquarading as human right advocates. Unfortunanetly some foolish, misguided Jews are also getting ensnareld.

  11. The prejudice and ignorance, you speak of, is you, Mr. Taylor. Israel left Gaza ten years ago. Why are the Gazans still firing rockets over the border? Why do the Gazans spend their money on rockets and not improving the infrastructure? Did you bother to learn that the Hamas leaders live in villas and dine in fine restaurants. That Gaza has a 5 star hotel and a beautiful mall. That the leaders drive luxury cars. Sop watching MSNBC and CNN. They are both biased, not only against Israel, but also America.

  12. Having lived in Jerusalem, as a daughter of the Tribes, etc etc, I feel entirely confident in saying that the author of this article is not only misinformed about what is actually going on there and what is necessary for peace, but about Bernie Sanders (who also has lived in Israel) and his address. Seriously, people – if you want a continually escalating carnage, just come out and say so. If you want peace, look within to identify the rage and fear that stands in the way. The prophets have said the same thing for millenia, and have been greeted with the same kind of reception. Shalom, alecha, Adon Israel

  13. What occupation are you talking about. The arabs went to war with Israel and LOST. When you lose a war, you lose the land and everything else you think is yours. Yoou cannot call for a redo after the war is lost. I think that the arab countries are the aparteid states that they claim Israel is. Get your ass out of your ass and start reading proper history.

  14. Maybe we should try it here first: two states for two peoples, the Union and the Confederacy. Give Hillary the Union (CA, OR, WA, HI, the Great Lake States, and the Greater Northeast) and Trump the Confederacy (everything else). Pretty soon it will look wike East and West Germany, circa 1985. DC can be the capital of both nations. After all, the CSA and West have been "Occupied" since April 1865! We need to practice what we preach. Southerners are a distinct people even today; Arabs in the Holy Land are a tribe of the Syrian People the way New Yorkers are Americans.

  15. Angela Curry I find it almost impossible to imagine that you are a university student. A place where you are supposed to be some kind of thinker. The press today is anti Israel, and you are falling for the big lie. All the arab countries are aparteid. If you are a Christian or gay, can you move to any of the arab countries. However, you can find safe haven in Israel. This the press does not mention. How many Christians have the arabs butchered in the past 10 years. How many gays have they slaughtered in the same time period. Get your head out of your ass and start reading true history.

  16. The only ethnic cleansing is being done by the Islamists who have ethnically cleansed Jews, Christians, Yazidis, Zoroastrians and Hindus since the seventh century CE. The Arabs in Judea/Samaria are squatters that are going to be thrown out with the trash. Why are you on a Zionist website you filthy ant-Semite?

  17. What a biased, misleading summary of Sen. Sanders' full speech, in which he also said,

    "Peace will require the unconditional recognition by all people of Israel’s right to exist. It will require an end to attacks of all kinds against Israel.

    Peace will require that organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah renounce their efforts to undermine the security of Israel. It will require the entire world to recognize Israel.

    Peace has to mean security for every Israeli from violence and terrorism."

    He also, notably, did *not* even mention Jerusalem as a part of any possible territorial compromise:

    "Peace will mean ending what amounts to the occupation of Palestinian territory, establishing mutually agreed upon borders, and pulling back settlements in the West Bank, just as Israel did in Gaza – once considered an unthinkable move on Israel’s part."

    Note that–he did not say this *was* occupation (a loaded legal term batted around by the international community) but something that "amounts to" occupation, an opinion. He also talked of "pulling back settlements," not eliminating them, and very explicitly condemned Hamas for its indiscriminate rocket attacks launched from its own civilian neighborhoods, its kidnapping of Israeli citizens and its building of terror tunnels.

    The speech, in full, is in fact better on Israel that official U.S. policy since 1948.

  18. Let's hear Bernie say which should be expected to manifest itself and happen first. Because when the Israelis gave their compromises for peace by delivering the Gaza, they were rewarded with terror attacks and an INCREASE in threats and rocket fire. Let's see the Palestinians ante up first this time around! Go ahead, Bernie…Make it happen! You have Roger Waters and Max Blumenthal behind you and they are invincible moral giants, just like you. The world awaits deliverance at your hands. I am sure that the Palestinians will listen to and accept EVERYTHING you have to say. Especially, since you are a Jew.

  19. lol. you are stupid and ignorant. life is so unfair. and you are so oppressed. or perhaps you were just crapped out for a welfare check. in any case, if you capable of reading with understanding you should avail yourself of the many interactions on many levels between the united states and the Jewish nation state of Israel. or not.

  20. Michael Cohen I don't agree with you, I love the Torah and also our planet and don't know why it's black and white, all or nothing. I love Israel too, and don't know why other leftists don't. I am sure there are many Jews like me. I liked a lot of what BS wanted for our country I felt they were Jewish values such as the Jews in Israel have, namely free health care and education for those who couldn't afford to go to college. Why do we have to hate anyone or name call those we don't agree with? That's what Trump is doing and he has Nazi fascists saluting him. We should be better than that and love each no matter what, isn't that what the Torah wants from us?

  21. Yeah, Julian, unlike those lambs of peace, the Palestinians and their self-elected leaders in total passive victimhood, Hamas. Stabbing Jews for the crime of "breathing while Jews" = ETHNIC CLEANSING, genius. Declaring that all of Israel should and must be a Palestinian State for Muslims only = APARTHEID. The EU building illegal settlements for Palestinians and Beduoins (posing as Palestinians) on land neither legally purchased nor deeded = ILLEGAL PALESTIAN EXPANSION/SETTLEMENTS. Not to mention, Hamas charter calling for the wholesale extermination of Jews = GENOCIDE. I guess it's all in how you (conveniently) look at it.

  22. Gee, Tituba, you may care a little more about Israel's existence (or demise) when the entire Middle East becomes, without it, a total cesspool of theocratic Muslim Anti-woman, anti-Gay, anti-freedom-of-anything-for-anybody throwback to the dark ages. Or, maybe not, Maybe you are that stupid as to think that THAT is exactly what the world should be.

  23. Keep up, Louisa…or at least try studying some actual history and stop reading so many Anti-Zionist comic books. The Palestinians themselves are the ones who have been refusing various and sundry versions of a "two-state" solution since 1948. Even today, polls indicate that a majority of Palestinians don't support it–or the possibility of the existence of ANY Jewish state…All thanks to people like you, who are so anxious to sweep Israel into the dust bin of history so you can skip down the yellow brick road and chase your fantasy of those total victim Palestinians suddenly becoming happy, peaceful, sane and prosperous (only if Israel is out of the picture, of course, and all Jews subjugated to wherever the rest of the world wants to exile them to next.) They will be SOOOO grateful to you, Louisa…Until they figure out what an "unbeliever" you are and turn their knives on you and your's.

  24. Eric Meehan, Palestinians are not blameless in Gaza. They got it back and promptly turned it back into a squalid desert of hate and backwards thinking. It;s their specialty. And if they get all of Israel back, they will keep doing the same. If you listen to the nattering nonsense of Anti-Zionists, if that happens, we will all be so much better off.

  25. Allyn, I am sorry you feel so angry and bitter. I know it is a very difficult issue and there has been incredible hurt and pain for all involved. But from my standpoint, the U.S. cannot interfere and side with one side in this decades long fight. The U.S. cannot be a fair arbitor in any negotiations if it sides with one side. The U.S. is part of the problem, in my opinion. I wish peace and love to all involved.

  26. I support Bernie Sanders because neither Democratic Party nor Republican Party politicians now represent the American people. Bernie is an unrepentent New Dealer, speaking the same progressive vision as Theodore Roosevelt outlined for what at the time was the new American Progressive Party. TR never got the chance to implement his vision, but his cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, updating TR's Square Deal to FDR's New Deal. For those Americans, especially, who have the common American fault of knowing very little if anything about American political history, here are the two most important speeches by American presidents on the subject of economic fairness and social justice:

    Franklin Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt

  27. Bernie is a smart politician and tries to avoid saying rather stupid things, unlike Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or practically any Republican one could name. So Bernie isn't going to say everything he believes, and at the same time, he won't pretend to believe things in public he would disavow in private.

    The salient quotes in support of Israel's security and her people's right to be free from terrorism, rockets, and threats, are part of Bernie's true beliefs. I believe Bernie knows very well on whom the burden of making peace should fall.

    Memory does not serve as to whether the displaced, stateless Arabs who identify as Palestinians ever have in good faith in the past or today negotiated to make the best peace deal they can, rather than to call for Israel's destruction as a sovereign nation and the extermination of Jews everywhere.

    Each time an American President came close to sealing a deal, the Arab side refused the bargain for reasons we now know had more to do with the corruption of the Arab "leadership," who were acting on behalf of existing Arab nations in whose own domestic political interests depended on keeping the conflict going.

    I wonder why opinion writers who may be in the best position to counter the lunatic American left's adoption as a sort of political household pet the displaced, stateless Arabs in the name of human rights, seem unwilling to pin the blame for the intractability of the conflict where it belongs: on the Arabs.

    Blame for failing to make peace falls on both the displaced, stateless Arabs living as permanent refugees, as well as on the interested sovereign Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries who have used the conflict to shore up their own domestic political domains.

    More Jews than Arabs were displaced by the creation of the State of Israel from within the Muslim world, yet they did not become permanent refugees, nor were they the subject of a single action or resolution on their behalf by the United Nations.

    It is as though the old musical "The Desert Song," with its false, romanticized, imperialistic nonsense, has never ceased to propagate itself as a Western cultural myth and meme.

    As Eric Hoffer observed:

    “The Jews are a peculiar people: Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.

    "Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people, and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it. Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks and Algeria a million Frenchmen. Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese–and no one says a word about refugees.

    "But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single Arab. Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious it must sue for peace.

    "Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world.”

    Hoffer makes a point I wish opinion writers would make continually until the US holds the Arabs' feet to the same fire the Jews of Israel feel on their soles.

  28. Bernie Sanders requested to participate via satellite, as many other participants have done in the past. He was denied, unfortunately. Rather than play into political opponents' hands, he gracefully attributed it to scheduling difficulties. In lieu of the denial, he made a speech from where he was campaigning, lengthily addressing Israeli and Palestinian relations. The corporate media in America failed to cover it or mention anything about it. I will try to find a link and post it here for anyone interested in learning his perspective. Sanders is far, far from being an enemy of the Israeli people. He would like the world to brgin participating in upholding and protecting Israel. Should Israel have one champion or many? Please don't believe what you hear on the establishment controlled press. Much of it simply isn't true.

  29. The essence of the speech, beloved of progressives everywhere is: Everybody should play nice; no one should attack Israel; but if they do, Israel shouldn't defend itself. Um. OK. This is a foreign policy speech from a serious presidential contender?

  30. Ofra Bendavid Israel is the biggest terrorist organisation, And what's sickening is their hearts love the look of blood on Palestinians faces, Israel teaching for hate is not from Jewidism, just like Isis is not Islam, Israel and Isis are just one with different names only.

  31. Don't forget Hillary supports Obama's desire to return to the boundaries of 1967. She supports what O has done on internationally affairs including his realtions with Isreal and his promise to support the Muslims in the end. Not sure why a Jew would want that as their leader but they seem to continue voting for the Dems no matter how bad it is.

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