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Soldiers on break eat watermelons brought to them by Israeli donors.

Israel and Hezbollah agreed to a 12 hour cease fire during Shabbat from 8am to 8pm Saturday.

Israeli agreed to extend the cease fire until midnight, but by 8:03pm Hamas was already launching rockets. extension


On Friday night rockets were launched at the Shomron, for the first time.


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  1. The children of Satan just can’t wait to start fighting again can they?! God of Israel! …Your people are being deceived and bombarded long enough….May it be Your Will today, …for the Children of The Almighty to blow the terrorists as far as they can? Enough! Thank You Father..for bringing them this far …and still being ready to fight another day! Stand With Israel! Amen!

    No where as bad as HAMAS IS TO HIS PEOPLE. Feel so sorry for them being forces to take the front lines while HAMAS HIDES BEHIND WOMEN & INNOCENT CHILDREN. Do you think they REALLY WANT BOMBS HIDDEN IN THEIR HOMES. ??
    Poor poor innocent people HAMAS hides behind.

  3. …it was a 12 hour cease fire ,so that the Palestinian civillians could evacuate ,help the injured,find the deceased,get food,water,medicine….and what’s more,Israel suggested that the cease fire be extended for another 4 to 12 hours….. and what was the response of the “palestinian leadership” (Hamas)???…..These lowlifes began firing rockets at Israel 8 hours into the cease fire….AND WHAT’S MORE ASTOUNDING IS THAT ISRAEL IS NOT FIRING BACK….WHY?…BECAUSE THEY WISH TO GIVE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE A CHANCE TO RECUPERATE,TO FIND SAFETY….is there any mention of it in the Mass Media???…..ofcourse not….that would spoil the distorted picture they convey to the rest of the misled world………..

  4. Israel cannot cease for one moment with their enemies at their backs .Israel is going to have to completely destroy Gaza and who gives a pigs eye what the International leaders say ? Because in the end ,the Jewish people’s lives are much more important than the enemies in Gaza .” THIS IS WAR ” not a mud fight so its past time for the Gloves to come off .

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