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Shame about the dead Jews, but 'settlements' are a REAL problem. French Jews mourn victims of Islamic violence in Toulouse, 2012

Overstating the danger?  It is important to note that several French Jewish authorities say that reports of anti-Semitism are hugely over-reported by a cynical media. Seemingly objective indicators show strong numbers in nearly every are that would suggest a robust Jewish life in France: The Jewish population stands at about 480,000, up from just 275,000 in 1946. Communities in France, Nice, Toulouse and Marseilles support more than 400 kosher butchers, and there are thousands of Jewish schools, from Orthodox yeshivot to non-religious schools. “Shouts of ‘anti-Semitism’ may play well in the media,” says Dayan Jermiyahu Kohen, head of the Paris Beth Din. “But it doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground here. Are there anti-Jewish attacks here? Yes. But it is no worse here than anywhere else. It is not only a complete fiction to say that we are living under siege here. It is also unfair to the community, and to the French people in general.” Still, Rabbi Kohen appears to be a minority voice amongst the rabbinic community. Another rabbi, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not want to publicly disagree with Rabbi Kohen, said that few young people said his children have all moved to Israel said the affects of the “If you want an indication of the future of the French Jewish community,” said one rabbi last summer, “have a think about this: In all the weddings I have performed in recent years, I can only think of a handful of couples who have said they envision a future for themselves here. Nearly all of them said they had plans to get married here, and then to build their lives in Israel, Canada or in the United States. “It is sad,” the rabbi said, “but unfortunately that is the reality today. It is hard to see a strong future for Jews in this country.”


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