Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
A Hamas digger works in a tunnel used for smuggling supplies between Egypt and Gaza after being flooded with seawater by Egyptian army in Rafah in southern Gaza. Archive: Feb. 2016

A gas pipe running through a tunnel under the Gazan town of Rafah exploded, wounding some 60-70 people, and killing 2, according to Egyptian sources.

According to Al Bawab News, some 50 smuggling tunnels were uncovered due to the explosion. (H/T NZIV/


This tunnel incident is separate from the Hamas terror tunnel that collapsed tonight in Khan Younis.

60 homes in Rafah have been evacuated due to the explosion.

The town of Rafah is split along the Gazan border with Sinai, and numerous smuggling tunnels run beneath the city.

In recent months, the Egyptians have been flooding the tunnels with sea water, in order to destroy them.

There’s no indication at this point as to what caused the gas pipe to leak and explode.

Earlier, on Saturday, between 13 to 20 (reports vary) Egyptian policemen were killed in a Da’esh (ISIS) attack on a checkpoint in Arish, northern Sinai.


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  1. Things are starting to look positive on the Gaza front. Perhaps Turkey, Qatar and Iran will think twice about financing this crowd of incompetants and insist they put their money to more peaceful uses like building Hospitals, schools Power generators and farming facilities…..But don't bet on it.

  2. ISIS = Hamas. Hezbollah loves Hamas. Hamas hate Hezbollah for backing Asaad. ISIS killing Hezballah. Hamas + ISIS killing Egytians. Asaad loves Hamas who hates Hezballah. Syrian Rebels hate everyone. And the rats keep digging and dying.

  3. 50 tunnels were discovered? So sick of Israel's feckless coward Prime Minister. Repatriate these savages to Egypt & those in Yehuda & Shomron to Jordan, you coward fool. Stop letting your people be brutally murdered and injured DAILY, you imbecile.

  4. Hahaha….l realy laughing my head off, every time l read news like this..they doing blunder after blunder,..1st., how they blow them self up, by wrong fiering a rocked, than later l read, a “self bomber teacher “..blow his students and classroom..hahaha..and those guy’s daring, to match them self, with D IDF..?..hahahaa..kiddo’s..

  5. The Egyptian government even offered to take them after the last war. The EU and Hamas don't want because Egypt will deal with them just like their parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood and allow the rest of the Arabs in Gaza to peacefully integrate into Egyptian society. It is not at all a farfetched idea. And if Egypt kills or jails the terrorists, the world won't care.

  6. Mark Melnicoff 10,000 Arabs buy their way out of the PA occupation and leave every year. It is said that 80% would leave if they were allowed to or could afford it. If Israel got rid of the PA (and Hamas) the exodus of the Arabs would ensue.

  7. When will the day come that "Palestinians" wake up and rebel against their oppressors, ie their Hamas rulers and turn to Israel in a true bid for peace. Israel would help them become strong again and no more people would need to die and suffer under the yoke of Hamas tyranny

  8. Rivka and John, it's just that Israel's govt. leaders since 1967 have forced their cowardly narrative, never before seen in history, about how there's no alternative to integrating into the tiny area west of the Jordan River this overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinian population of Jordanians & Egyptians (being part of those countries from 1949-1967).
    Supportive of repatriation is the leader of Jordan's 6.3 million so-called Palestinians, 85% of that country, Mudar Zahran. One of his efforts is his facebook, Jordan is Palestine.

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