Photo Credit: Beit Moriah Synagogue, Beer Sheva
Professor Dr. Shimon Glick

All this touches on another “hot” issue in the medical community today: Hadassah. Many people have suggested that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the fiscal health of the Hadassah hospitals, that we should not rely on private money to fund our healthcare system. But you seem to be saying that private money is often the key factor in building a quality medical school. 


Yes, that’s true. But compare our situation in Israel to the United States for a moment: There are 122 medical schools in the United States. 20 of them are named for donors, at a minimum donation cost of $100 million. Half of those are by Jews. 

But Israelis haven’t learned how to give yet, despite the fact that we now have some people with very, very serious money,  people like Shari Arison, Steph Wertheim and others 

But we’re a young country, so I suppose we – as a society – can forgiven . At the end of the day, we have much to accomplish,but I think we’re doing okay. Pretty well, even, I’d say.



  1. Tomorrow my father Shimon Glick will receive the Bonei Zion – Lifelong Achievement Award at the Israel Knesset from Nefesh B’Nefesh! At the helm of a Revolutionary Medical School for 40 years!!! A medical school that advanced the idea that a physician must relate to the patient with utmost empathy!!- Mazal Tov Dad on a well deserved honor!!!

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