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Palestinian Arabs burn Israeli flag.

Mahmoud Abbas once again has grabbed an opportunity to miss an opportunity and has rejected a French-sponsored resolution in the United Nations that would give him a Palestinian Authority state based on the old 1949-1967 borders.

So what is his problem?


The problem is that the French proposal not only recognizes the Palestinian Authority as a country but also recognizes Israel as a Jewish country.

This is not the first time that Abbas has rejected recognizing “the Jewish State of Israel,” but he has never done so in the face of such a golden opportunity to emasculate the country.

Abbas has no problem with Israel as long as it does not exist, and recognizing it as “Jewish” would preclude the dream of the Arab world and UNRWA to transform Jews into a minority in the country by importing a few million Arabs who have been under the U.N. agency’s so-called care for decades.

Israel has lobbied against the French proposal, and the United States has not promised it would veto it.

But it turns out that Abbas will cast the veto, just as he has scotched every other chance for an agreement with Israel for 11 years since being elected to a four-term that expired seven years ago.

The French resolution calls for the principle of “two states for two peoples,” borders as demanded by Abbas, and “compensation:” for UNRWA camp prisoners, called “refugees.”

The resolution sets a limit of 18 months for negotiations to reach a “just, lasting and comprehensive peace, and if the deadline passed, France would recognize the “State of Palestine.”

His rejection of the French resolution got lost in the today’s less significant and befuddled headlines that the Palestinian Authority government is breaking up or is not breaking up, depending on which version you read.

Abbas thrives on three things: money from the European Union, the non-recognition of the Palestinian Authority as a country, and an eternal crisis in his regime that allows him to hold on to power. All three are intertwined.
He was at his best today.



  1. i was drawn to a google post, from the jewish press that incorrectly says im german when iam not german, im the daughter of a holocaust survivor who was kept in a natzi concentration camp in germany huge difference.

  2. The Palestines are just like us Negro’s you are a part of one nation you can’t have ISRAEL she belongs to the Jews because God gave Her the Land if u people don’t stop go to Syria it’s plenty land over there but you sand negro’s want get Israel forget it

  3. It is a matter of principal for Abbas. He recognizes Israel as a multicultural state with a Jewish majority and a Palestinian minority. An intellectual as Sari Nusseibeh has the same position. They have moral problems with the term 'Jewish state', because of the fact that 700.000 Palestinians were flying their land or were driven out of their villages when Israel was formed for understandeble reasons and that those Arabs that stayed cannot identify sufficiently with Israel as Jewish state.

  4. no surprise here. Arabs always wanted the following three state solution on the area of the former British Mandate:

    1 A Palestinian State on the East bank of the Jordan River (call it Jordan, call it Palestine, whatever)

    2. Another Palestinian Judenfrei state on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

    3. A third secular state on the West bank of the Jordan River where the Jews and the Arabs, including some 4 million of "Palestinian repatriates" would live in peace until the Arab majority would force all the Jews out.

    4. (did I say three state, make it four state ) a Radical islamist state on the 'Aza strip where terrorism rules and Quran serves as a fig leaf.

  5. For those who believe the creation of a Palestinian state is the solution. Abbas reveals himself for who he truly is. Israel will definitely not be safer with the presence of a Palestinian state. The creation of a separate Palestinian state will mean the end of Israel, as so "eloquently" articulated by Abbas.

  6. Yes, Constant. And seeing this as true does not preclude seeing that there were about 850 000 Jewish refugees from the Arab states at the same time, whose property was confiscated etc. We need to see all of the problem, not the one half only. Also to understand that there has to be a Jewish state and that it can't be on the moon.

  7. Let’s just ignore abbas. He is NOT A PARTNER FOR PEACE. Never was never will be. Someone needs to stand up and be a statesman for the arab muslim population that has been forced by this group of leaders to live in squalor and ignorance. Someone with a touch of Sadat. But it is not abbas, not matter how many times he dons western garb and proclaims himself a moderate.

  8. Jewish was is and will be State for ever……….. Its also written in Muslims arab Holly Book, Also in Bible, and all books in every religion………. so what Abbas can do if he dont vote for Israel………… their are so many Muslims like me from your own nation Mr.Abbas who always ready to Vote and Support and yes belive it or not also ready to Fight for Israel ………………… Got it Abbas

  9. The Muslims of France will soon be lobbying for a separate state within France along the lines of, and I quote from the above article (just make a few substitutions) "The French resolution calls for the principle of “two states for two peoples,” borders as demanded by Abbas(Boubakeur) and “compensation:” for UNRWA camp prisoners, called “refugees.” (French colonial victims) .

  10. I think based on the Torah there is no amount of political negotiation to resolve the issue of peace with Israel and the Arab world. Their goal is really to wipe out Israel. There is only one way to reach this peace, Israel’s God would have Israel’s enemies bow down to Israel’s feet. It might come to a situation where the Arabs see Israel as the source of their existence or the Arab Spring will have these nations destroyed. Isaiah 60:14; Ezek. 28:25,26.

  11. I wouldn't count on that, Fortunately Abbas said no. If Abbas had said yes and if Obama had not vetoed do not assume that Bibi would have had the courage to say no. [He should start working on that]. In fact do not be shocked if Obama comes back tomorrow and says ok, recognize Israel as a non-Jewish state. BUT Abbas won't. He would be out of a job

  12. As long as Israel's new president Reuven Rivlin does not sell Israel and its citizens for scoring political purposes.

    The previous President of Israeli President Shimon Peres only cared about himself and committed treasonous acts against the Jewish State of Israel.

    Be this as it may, those surrendering Jewish land, or intending to surrender Jewish land, to Israel’s enemies are prima facie guilty of committing acts defined as treason by Israel’s Penal Law, specifically:

    acts which “impair the sovereignty” of the State of Israel—section 97(a);

    acts which “impair the integrity” of the State of Israel—section 97(b);

    acts under section 99 which give assistance to an “enemy” in war against Israel, which the Law specifically states includes a terrorist organization;

    acts under section 100 which evince an intention or resolve to commit one of the acts prohibited by sections 97 and 99.

    The idea was simple: promise peace in exchange for an invitation into the Jewish state to govern the Arab population living there. Then, kill the Jews.

    Is it possible for one country A to cause another country B to assist its own enemies and commit suicide? Yes, so long as certain conditions obtain.

    By "committing suicide" I mean that since the people who compose the organs of state feel duty-bound to carry out the orders of their superiors, what is needed, mechanically, is for country A to corrupt the political leadership and the media of country B. If this is attained, then country A, through the corrupted political leaders and media in country B, can cause the organs of state in country B to assist the enemies of country B.

    A scenario where this would be maximally easy is one where country B is very small and has lots of enemies, whereas country A is very large – at the limit, a superpower (e.g. the United States). A superpower will certainly have the wherewithal to corrupt the leadership and the media of a small country, in which case it can make that leadership surrender Gaza and the West Bank to terrorists who never stop firing at its civilians, and whose ideology is the total extermination of those civilians.

    The idea was simple: promise peace in exchange for an invitation into the Jewish state to govern the Arab population living there. Then, kill the Jews.

    In bringing the PLO into the Jewish state, Israeli leaders revived
    the PLO.

    Anybody critical of Oslo was loudly equated by the Israeli government and media with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists as an ‘enemy of peace.’

    Since May 2003, the Israeli government cannot claim to be unaware that the PLO is a continuation of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution

    No Jew has the right to yield the rights of the Jewish People in Israel –
    David Ben Gurion

    (David Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel and widely hailed as the State’s main founder).

    “No Jew is entitled to give up the right of establishing [i.e. settling] the Jewish Nation in all of the Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such power. Not even all the Jews alive today [i.e. the entire Jewish People] have the power to cede any part of the country or homeland whatsoever. This is a right vouchsafed or reserved for the Jewish Nation throughout all generations. This right cannot be lost or expropriated under any condition or circumstance. Even if at some particular time, there are those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have no power nor competence to deprive coming generations of this right. The Jewish nation is neither bound nor governed by such a waiver or renunciation. Our right to the whole of this country is valid, in force and endures forever. And until the Final Redemption has come, we will not budge from this historic right.”

    THE LAND OF ISRAEL: at the Basle Session of the 20th Zionist Congress at Zurich (1937)

    “No country in the world exists today by virtue of its ‘right’.

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