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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority chairman exposed  the “two-state- policy at the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Geneva and said the “occupation” has continued for 67 years, since the re-establishment of the State of Israel.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported his remarks as broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television last week.


Abbas said in Arabic:

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, haven’t you wondered: For how long will this protracted Israeli occupation of our land last? After 67 years (i.e., Israel’s creation), how long? Do you think it can last, and that it benefits the Palestinian people?

[The] holy sites which have been desecrated every other second again and again for seven decades now under an occupation that does not quit killing, torturing, looting and imprisoning…

PMW pointed out that the official Palestinian Authority WAFA website deleted his “67 years” phrase from its published a transcript of his remarks.

PA institutions provide plenty of evidence that the Abbas regime considers all of Israel as “occupied.”

Besides promoting maps of Israel as “Palestine,” the Palestinian Authority national Security Forces posted on Facebook  on different days last week text, as translated and reported by PMW:

Good morning, the beach of occupied Ashkelon.”

Good evening, occupied city of Haifa.

Good morning, occupied Acre (Akko).




  1. The Palestinian Arabs (including the so called “Israeli Arabs”) are making war against Israel, because they are killing or trying to kill the Jews, and intend to destroy Israel and try to steal the land of the Jews. It is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded that, in the war, Israel kill all the enemies, without distinction between combatants and civilians. So, the state of Israel must kill all the Palestinian Arabs, without distinction between combatants and civilians. Note that the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Jews without distinction between combatants and civilians. If the Jews do not kill all the Palestinian Arabs, the Palestinian Arabs will kill all the Jews. The state of Israel must obey God, and fulfill His commandments that are in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18.

    The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from its territory, which includes the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, because it is written in the Torah, in Shemot (Exodus) 23:31-33 and in Bamidbar (Numbers) 33:52, that God commanded Israel to expel the other inhabitants of the Land of Canaan, which is the Land of Israel, which includes all the Palestine. The Arabs invaded the Land of Israel in the year 635 CE, so that they are invaders, and must leave Israel, and return to their own land, which is Arabia. This is not racism, because any person, of any race or ethnicity, can convert to Judaism. Moreover, the Palestinian Arabs are killing the Israeli Jews, so that the Israeli Jews need to expel the Palestinian Arabs from the Land of Israel (Palestine), as self defense, in order to save their lives.

    The rulers of the state of Israel who did not expel the Arabs from the Land of Israel, as God commanded in Numbers 33:52, are also guilty for the death of Shalom Yohai Sherki, Adelle Biton, Danny Gonen, Alexander Levlovitz, Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin and the other Jews who were killed by Arabs. The state of Israel must expel the Arabs from the Land of Israel right now, before they kill other Jews.

  2. Indeed abbas is a muslim terrorrist – all his life – and he openly encourages the killing of Jewish people. He deserves to be taken to court and punsihed for his behaviour. he should go back to where he belongs and leave the Gaza to its rightful owners, the Israeli’s. He should spend his stolen money on his people to make them move.

  3. At least it shows that the question was not border or territory the question had been always but the non-acceptance of Israel existence in any size inside any border, any shape, not even in a square inch. That is the issue. My issue is the territory of Eretz Yisrael, and if I should allow the arabs reside in it or send them back to arabia.

  4. There NEVER was a Palestine people or Palestinians….this is a fabrication….it was part of Jordan that Israel won during the 6 day war. Like any other country, why are the winners considered the "occupiers" they are ligitimate "settlers" in Israels own land…read your holy books! Stop coveting what does not belong to the Islamists….

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