Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office
IDF soldiers outside Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights. (Archive)

Two IDF soldiers were killed and three wounded—one moderate and two light—from an exploding fragmentation grenade inside their vehicle Sunday morning, near the entrance to Mount Hermon and a military base in the Majdal Shams area. The injured soldiers were evacuated by helicopter to Maimonides Hospital in Haifa.

The two who were killed were Sergeant Shlomo Rindenau, 20, whose family lives in New Jersey; and Sergeant Hossam Tafesh, 24, from Beit Jan.


According to a preliminary report, the soldiers’ jeep stopped for an unknown reason near the Majdal Shams check post, about six feet from the wall; the driver, Tafesh, a reservist, got out of the jeep and was holding the grenade in his hand for a yet unknown reason. He surrounded the vehicle and approached the open door with the grenade, following which the grenade exploded and he and another soldier were killed.

So far, according to IDF sources, the entire event is still a mystery.



  1. Sounds like he pulled the pin out by mistake or it got caught on something and pulled out. He went to the back for help and he released his grip on it ever so slightly. Lights out, the party's over.
    Its not rocket science. I highly doubt it was intentional.

    Everyone please be extra careful. It's the month of Tammuz when so many tragic events have happened to us at this time all throughout history. Watch it till after the month of av. Today a bomb almost went off on the tram in Jerusalem, and on road 386 going into bet shemish I saw one very nasty accident. I thought I saw a dead man in his car. I hope that wasn't the case. We as a Nation should be focused on one thing, teshuva.

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