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An American Jewish man was arrested on the Temple Mount on Sunday morning after it was noticed that he was quietly murmuring a prayer, according to a TPS report. At this time it is unknown if the arrested man is an Israeli citizen or a tourist.

A second Jew was warned by the Israeli police that he would be arrested if he didn’t stop looking at the Siddur app on his cellphone. He was not arrested as he wasn’t yet praying at that point.


Prime Minister Netanyahu can relax, his status quo has been upheld.


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  1. I've noticed the Jewish Press' use of cartoons when reporting. I have to tell you that I find these depictions degrade the seriousness of the events you report. They are imho inappropriate because they are counterproductive. Look at the depiction of the police. Redo ilium. Take yourself and the situations you report and the people you report about seriously. No one here; not the victims, the attacked, the murdered is deserving of a cartoon characterization. The 'terrorist mob' you insert is also absolutely reprehensible. Shame on whoever authorizes this. Shame on you.

  2. I do not think that you understand the message of the cartoon. It is pointing out the irony of the fact that the UN's article 18 calls for freedom of religion yet Netanyahu is limiting that freedom for the Jews and not letting us pray at our holiest site. The cartoon depicts UN police (as indicated by the insignia on their caps) arresting Bibi for violation of the UN's article 18.

  3. It is time to treat the Muslims in Jerusalem the way the Jews were treated when the Muslims controlled the old city, that is the Jews were expelled, Jewish holy sites and cemetaries were desecrated and Jews were denied access to the old city. Okay, that is a little harsh, I'll settle for taking back the Temple Mount and removing the Islamic abominations.

  4. April, how many, of the multitude of depictions of Jews from inumerable presses have you aired your dismay? – It seems that the Jewish Press and other Jewish reports are a "soft-touch" for you to express concerns – Whatever, in our favour, the Jewish Press and others of a similar ilk try to portray our plight, is OK for me and many others, we have to burden the heavy weight of not only antisemitic cartoons but physical abuse toward Jews continually, so don't be so delicate in your ideaology – you certainly do not speak for me…Do not, orally, be the knife-point of a "Charlie Hebdo." The seriousness you speak of is in the actions of the opposition of Jews and not how the situation is depicted.

  5. Daniel Friedman That sounds like Insecurity on the official's. I don't fear other religious point of view. I welcome them. How else will you arrive to the Same conclusion. Many Religions/Many differing viewpoints due to fact that people view things differently. Ultimately if there is dialogue, there is mutal understanding. Ultimately leading to the same conclusion. That there is only One True God. And that All people are His creations…. There in lies the Question. Why are we so differant. Yet so similar. That is the Jack Pot Question He wan'ts for US to figure out.

  6. No wonder the UN has little to say about ISIS, Boko Haram, Islamic Jihad and the rest – they have the UN given right to practice the tenents of their religion, which includes the killing and subjugating infidels and teaching their children these "holy" values. Great work UN – leaves plenty of time for bashing Israel instead….

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