Photo Credit: Reconectar
Anousim pro-Israel protest in Recife, Brazil.

(Monday, 26th October 2015) Yesterday, Anousim (descendants of forcibly converted Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities) held solidarity marches around the world in the face of the wave of terror attacks in Israel.

Events included in Recife, Brazil, and El Paso, Texas, two places with high concentrations of Anousim. In Recife, the march began symbolically outside the Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue, considered the oldest synagogue in the Americas, built around 1636.


Many adults and children held banners and waved Israeli flags in order to express their full support for the legitimate right of Israel to protect its civilian population.

“We Anousim in Recife march in favor of peace and Israel, to express solidarity with the State of Israel and our Jewish brethren who are currently under attack from Palestinian terrorists, as well as expressing ourselves publicly, in order to give visibility to the Brazilian and international Anousim issue. Particularly towards having our rights recognized and finally to return to being an inseparable part of the people of Israel, “said Jefferson Linconn, one of the organizers of the event in Recife.

Ashley Perry (Perez), President of Reconectar, an organization facilitating a reconnection between the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish communities and the Jewish world, spoke about the importance of these events.

“Expressing solidarity with Israel is a important part of the Anousim identity and it is vital that the love and affection they have for Israel and the Jewish People is returned,” said Perry, who was in contact with some of those who helped organize the events. “Our people are reconnecting every day around the world in their thousands and we call on Jewish religious and lay leaders and individuals to put out their arms in a warm embrace to these people who have overcome so much historic oppression and are now seeking to reconnect.”

Perry is also the Director General of the official Knesset Caucus for the Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities, chaired by MK Robert Ilatov, that recently held its first meeting attracting over 300 political, religious, diplomatic and Jewish organizational leaders from Israel and all over the world.


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  1. Ecclesiasticus 36

    Show us, Lord, the light of your mercy.
    God of all, have mercy on us, take notice of us,
    and show us the light of your mercies.
    Make the nations fear you, who have not sought you out,
    make them know that there is no God except you,
    let them tell of your wonders.
    Lift up your hand over foreign nations, that they may see your power –
    for just as in their sight you have been sanctified in us,
    so in our sight you will be magnified in them.
    Lift up your hand so that they may know, as we know,
    that there is no God but you, Lord.
    Bring forth new signs and repeat your wonders;
    glorify your hand, show the strength of your arm.
    Gather together all the tribes of Jacob,
    give them back the inheritance they had from the beginning.
    Take pity on your people, over whom we invoke your name,
    and on Israel, whom you have made equal to your firstborn.
    Take pity on the city you have sanctified,
    Jerusalem, the place of your rest.
    Fill Zion with your majesty;
    fill your temple with your glory.

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