Photo Credit: Israel Police
Pipe bomb

Israeli Border Guard Police prevented a lethal terror attack at the Samaria Military Court on Tuesday when they caught a terrorist who tried to smuggle a pipe bomb filled with sharp metal pieces into the building.

Police said the man was asked to go through a metal detector, and the scanner picked up metal on his body.


But although they searched him several times the officers couldn’t find anything so they finally asked him to strip, which finally revealed the pipe bomb the terrorist was hiding under his clothing.

Sappers were summoned to the building and the area was cleared. When the explosive was neutralized with a controlled detonation it was discovered that it contained sharp metal knife-like blades for shrapnel to increase the number of deaths and injuries inflicted on victims in the area.

“Border Guard Police will continue to defend the Military Court House, a symbol of law and order, that we will not allow to be compromised,” police said in a statement.

Terrorists have targeted the same courthouse numerous times over the past several months, including last week, and twice in December.