Photo Credit: Reshet Bet
Israeli policeman taking a stone throwing suspect into custody.

Temple Mount in Jerusalem was closed on Sunday morning to Jews and tourists, as Arab rioters threw stones at Jews on Temple Mount as well as the Jews praying by the Kotel.

According to Reshet Bet Radio, the incident began when a 4-year-old girl had to relieve herself at the edge of the Temple Mount compound. The girl was accompanying her father, who was among the Jewish activists visiting the holy site. There are no bathroom facilities available in the area which is permissible for Jews to access, and so the father had to take his child to a secluded area.


Arab youths in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount who heard about the “offense” started throwing stones indiscriminately at all the visitors at the site. They threw stones at police and then at the large crowd of Jews praying below the Mount, at the Western Wall. No one was hurt and police forces repelled the attackers and arrested six suspects.

The child’s father told Reshet Bet he had no intention to provoke the Arabs, but absent a proper facility, he had to take care of his child as best he could.

Jewish Temple activists said that closing Temple Mount on Jewish holidays has become a predictable ritual, as Muslims incite rioters over their websites to storm the site, and Israeli police never lifts a finger to prepare for the rioters. Instead, they let the riots begin and then use them as an excuse to close off the site.



  1. These butchers of peace should not be allowed to even enter the Temple Mount. If these arab rioters come to this place to worship their own ¨god¨, its is their own problem, but if they come and start promotving & inciting violence, then, they should be arrestedn an sent to jail for a long time. Stoning a little girl is a crime against humanityl. Are we, civilized people, allow this kind of behavior in the West? Of course not. I have not stoned änybody¨in the first place, and if I had to do it in self-defense, it would be against people such as those commiting this crime against a Jewish child. We do not live in the stone age anymore.And these people do not seem to know that we already live in the twenty century. Why Israel has to put up with these uncivilized arab rioters? Long-term jail sentences is best to keep them out, and only those who promote peace or want peace with Jewish People should have the chance to be there. Israel should take over the Temple Mount once and for all. Shame on Moshe Dayan for having failed to see these ¨crimes¨against future Jewish Citizens in Jerusalem.

  2. oh moshe dayan knew this would happen. that is why he did it. its all planned to drive us out by our fake leaders.but it wont help them.i am in jerusalem along with many others to make damn sure it stays ours.all the dirty tricks will fail.its our land only.

  3. Bibi always caves. Freeing the mass murder prisoners in the Shalit deal.
    Saying he's going to build in EI, which he doesn't.
    Apologizing this this jihadist Erdogan who sponsored the whole Mavi Marmara terrorist attack against Israel.

  4. The fact Netanyahu put Livni in his government exposed him for what he really is.
    Why would Netanyhu put this radical Livni in his goverment.
    It shows Netanyahu is really another Olmert, Barak and Peres.
    Only Shamir had backbone as an Israeli PM.
    In 2008, Olmert and Livni wanted to give away Israeli Sovereignty of the Wailing Wall to the Arabs, U.S and Europeans.
    King David and Solomon would be turning over in their graves at these radicals.

  5. Kahane predicted the weakness of Israeli leaders.
    Remember what Kahane said,
    I prefer an Israel hated by everybody than in Auschwitz loved by all.”.
    Right now Chaim Ben Pesach who is the successor to Kahane has been barred from entering Israel by the cowards who run Israel.
    That includes Likud, Kadima and Labor.
    Chaim Ben Pesach wants to use all out force to stop these Islamo fascists from terrorizing Israel and Chaim Ben Pesach wants a death penalty to Arab killers.
    You can go on and click on the Forums, then general discussion to see Chaims views.
    Or just google, What if Chaim Ben Pesach Becomes the Prime Minister of Israel.
    Chaim can save Israel from the weak Israeli leaders who accept Arab terrorism.

    Read this great article about him.
    Chaim ben Pesach a Jewish hero forbidden to make Aliyah.
    August 6, 2012.

  6. I WILL BE KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT CONGREGATION SONS OF ISRAEL IN MANALAPAN, MONDAY NIGHT APRIL 8 AT 7:30 and will not participate in the interfaith program. ALL ARE INVITED. I AM SPEAKING FREE OF CHARGE. The Imam said he would join with me declaring that here in America there is no room for Muslims callings Jews apes and for the destruction of the Jewish people as Morsi of Egypt did. This promise to me was never fulfilled. MY AGREEING FOR THE IMAM TO LEAVE BEFORE HATIKVAH WAS BASED ON HIS FULFILLING THIS PROMISE.

    I have resigned from the Metuchen-Edison Area Interfaith Clergy Association due to this. For you who are new, to the association, I served as President and Vice President in the past and chaired many programs. It hurts me greatly that I had to make this decision. I wish you all the best of success. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  7. There will never be peace in the middle east until the world leaders except the fact that the root problem is Islamic terrorism and joiinly do something about it.
    It amazes me that Obama thinks he can negotiate with terrorists. I think closing the temple mount at any time shows weakness and encourages the terrorists. Why is it so hard for these radicals to take a live and let live attitude and to accept the fact that the State of Israel exists whether they like it or not.

  8. Let me see – Muslims riot and attempt murder so the government prevents Jews and tourists from going to the Temple Mount.

    Not one Jew or tourist rioted. Shouldn't it be that rioters are prevented instead? Would that not make more sense?

    Ban all Muslims for say 19 years from the Temple Mount would be a good start.

  9. Month by month, and week by week. The middle east spins more out of control. Iran continues unwavering on it’s march in the development of nuclear weapons and Assad the dictator of Syria is still in power. Current intelligence seems uncertain of when Iran will get the bomb and Israel cannot afford to gamble with this. Assad of Syria looks like he may be willing to use weapons of mass destruction against his own people and against near by nations as well. If this situation does not drastically change soon for the better, I believe the war in Isaiah Chapter 17 will likely take place. Damascus Syria would be destroyed. The worlds economy would likely collapse as a result and could usher in a one world government movement. I wrote a small 6 page book that outlines what I believe the Bible states will take place soon as well as the potential trends I see at this time. I don’t accept donations and it’s free. It’s a short read. I encourage you to have a look:

  10. As evil and unjust as throwing stones at a 4 year old girl on the Temple Mount is, this story does conflate the issues.

    There are many issues when it comes to the Temple Mount.

    One of them is what to do if you need to go to the bathroom?

    I had previously seen a video of a haredi man that needed to go on the Temple Mount and he did.

    I think this is the wrong choice.

    There is no "secluded place" on the Temple Mount. The entire area is equivalent to being in a synagogue and doing it behind a bench or behind the Aron Kodesh if there was some space there.

    It's not like being on a public street and doing it in the alley, which is usually illegal and will get you a fine.

    A better choice is trying to leave the area and if you can't control it you leave your clothes on.

  11. 'Temple Mt was closed to nonMoslems' as moslems rioted'? What is wrong with that sentence – Waiting to read that the mount is closed to moslems because moslems are rioting!

  12. Ruth Cohen Harif ..I am a Goyim and I agree with you 100%, Jerusalem is not negotiable, in fact, Israel is not negotiable with anyone, the country was given to the Jewish people by HaShem, and no one has the right to take/give away the country. ISRAEL BELONG'S TO THE ISRAELI PEOPLE.

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