Photo Credit: Bernie Sanders / Twitter
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has again stolen the show with huge, magnanimous gesture after the roll call had already reached a considerable showing for the Sanders side.

With Clinton having reached and surpassed the point where her nomination was already secured with 2,845 votes, Sanders had also made a very healthy showing with 1,865 votes as well without the rest of the states having yet been counted.


After the Vermont delegation announced it was giving 22 of its votes to Sanders, and four to the “future president, Hillary Clinton,” Bernie Sanders stepped up to the microphone.

“Madame Chairwoman, I move that the convention suspend the rules and that all votes cast be set aside and Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee for president of the United States.”

Total pandemonium in the hall.

After a hug and a kiss from people in the Vermont delegation, Sanders left the hall, as Hillary Clinton was quickly nominated and confirmed as the party’s nominee for president.



  1. Bernie Sanders is a Kappo, self hating Jew, or really a Nazi in disguise. Having gone to College in America at College and learning so much about the ills of racism I am shocked now that I have grown up and tremendous amounts of racism, hatred, and Student for Justice In Palestine Arab/Nazi propaganda exists on every college campus aided and abbetted by their European counteparts to make campaign against America and the Jewish People. US college campuses are the biggest places where hatred is allowed to grow without being banned by colleges where students who attend there should feel safe. However, the Students for Justice in Palestine are allowed to breed more hatred and murder by their words of incitement just ;like how American College Campuses and intelectuals supported and abetted the Holocaust. As a Jewish Person I would never vote for a democrat or a Nazi.

    The best what the Deomcrats has to offer is Hillary Clinton and the majority of Democrats who supported releasing 150 billion dollars to finance Nazi Iran's portable gas chambers aimed at committing genocide against the Jewish People. The worst of what they have to offer is Bernie Sanders a self hating Jew who all his supporters are mainly voting for him because of his unashamed and unabashed anti-Israel Comments. The American people will have to choose between a America/Israel hating democratic party that supports arab/Islamic terrorism and bashes Israel or a repulican party that actually cares about America and Israel and Liberty and is prepared to defend it against the oncoming Thrid Caliphate which is no different in ideology from the Third Reich.

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