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Samaria – An 11-year-old girl was seriously wounded and her father lightly injured when Palestinians threw a firebomb at their car in Samaria, on Thursday evening, December 25. The young girl suffered from third degree burns to her face and upper body as the car burst into flames. The two were travelling near Route 55, on the road between Maaleh Shomron and the El Matan community (an outpost of Maaleh Shomron) in northern Samaria when their car was hit.

Magen David Adom were called to the scene and volunteers provided medical aid the father, Avner Shapira, 40, and his daughter before transporting them to the Sheba Medical Centerv at Tel Hashomer in central Israel. A spokesperson for Tel Hashomer stated that the girl, Ayala, arrived unconscious and in critical condition.


Doctors at Sheba Medical Center are currently fighting for Ayala Shapira’s life, who suffered burns to 50% of her body.

The family’s car was completely burned in the terror attack.

It was the second time in the past month that the Shapira family, who live in the El Matan community, had experienced a terror attack of this nature. Earlier in the month, the mother of Ayala, had been driving when her car was hit by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Palestinians. She escaped the car unharmed.

Firefighter chief, Yossi Dahri stated that that “we got to the scene quickly and found the car completely engulfed in flames and the father standing next to the car. The girl had already been transported to the hospital.”

The call to report the attack took place around 6:30 PM, and IDF forces arrived shortly after to search for the perpetrators in the region between the Palestinian town, Qalqilya and Ma’ale Shomron.



  1. I knew Rabbi Kahane and I can honestly say that if he were the PM of Israel none of this baloney would occur. He had the right idea for the protection of Israel and the Jewish People. For the record, one of my cousins was hanged by the British for doing exactly that…as a member of the Irgun he attacked a British Army base and was caught and hung. He was a real hero…today the leadership of Israel are composed of sheep. Simply tragic.

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