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French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen of the far right National Front party.

UPDATE: The 86-year-old politician Jean-Marie Le Pen was injured on his face after a fire broke out in his apartment, near Paris.

The bottom house of the floor was ruined, and Le Pen was injured when he fell escaping the fire with his wife Jany Pachos.


A report from the International Business Times states that Le Pen is not seriously wounded and that there was no gun shot.

Initial reports from France had incorrectly stated that the far right French politician and five-times presidential hopeful Jean-Marie Le Pen was shot and that his house was set on fire.

This story will be updated as additional reports come in.


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  1. Yoann, if you read the article you'll see that the author is updating the story with the latest information available — in fact the whole story has only been up for a little while and it's already been updated to provide even more recent news. I hadn't even seen this incident reported elsewhere, and I do a pretty thorough read of the news in the morning (which is what time it is in the Galut, where I am). So i'm not sure what you're kvetching about.

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