Photo Credit: Screenshot: Uncensored
Captured Afula Terrorist

An IDF soldier was stabbed and seriously injured in a stabbing on Arlozorov Street in Afula on Thursday evening, along with a second person.

The terrorist was captured by Afula locals:



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  1. Well its a good things us over here in America are trying to ban guns, BC this knife situation clearly re reinforces our need to ban all guns lOL this is disgustingly horrible this is the reason why I want to still be able to carry a gun because you can’t ban guns can’t ban knives just eliminate criminals.

  2. i live in afula…a city considered to be the capital of the jezreel valley…we live very closely knit to a big arab population where coexistance is a fine example how israeli arabs and jews can thrive together. i pride myself to live in such a city where my doctor, my lawyer, our salesgrils, our co-students, co-workers, bank manager, etc. are arabs….a totally multietnic society which enriches our life. alas alas…when an event like what happenned earlier on happens, a dark cloud overshadows this peaceful existance…. unfortunately there are several hot headed, brainwashed haters who ought to be very very very severely punished…..

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