Photo Credit: Bashi Darshan / TPS

A tour bus visiting the Hebron/Kiryat Arba area was stoned by Arabs on Friday afternoon.

The bus was carrying a group organized by the anti-IDF NGO “Breaking the Silence”.


Three students on the bus from the Hebrew University were lightly injured.

“Breaking the Silence” is a foreign-funded NGO that travels around the world and bad-mouths the IDF.

IDF soldiers are now protecting the passengers.


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  1. Lol. Wow. So you just lie about this?!?! I wonder how they staged this one. We've SEEN plenty of Israeli police concealed as civilians, instigating violence to justify retaliation. We see how you attack and even kill foreign volunteers in Palestine. You're demonising Palestinians but dismantling your own project lol

  2. Unfortunately I can predict BtS rationalization: See, IDF is so horrible that the Palestinians cannot and will not distinguish among Israelis … And of course, the usual: They have no choice but violence. Sigh. But maybe there will still be some aha’s about why an Israeli military presence is needed and about the limited amount of wrong-doings (which lead to prosecution and punishment).

  3. I have asked that question many times. The answer is simple the IDF does not protect people because the victims deserve protection rather they provide protection "period " because that is the right thing to do. Once we start choosing who is worthy we stoop to the level of our enemies.

  4. SARCASM Should not be used in written, in my opinion, as it usually is taken literally. SARCASM IS ONLY UNDERSTOOD BY HEARING THE SOUND OF THE VOICE AND FACIAL GESTURES especially if you are taking to strangers and you do not know their politics or how they think or feel.

  5. It is incredible to me that, if the Palestinians "know" all of this violence is being incited and "instigated" by Israeli police working undercover, they still have continued to let themselves be manipulated like that for the last almost fifty years. The obvious solution would clearly be for the Palestinians to refuse to use violence anymore, that would really teach Israel a lesson. It has actually happened elsewhere that movements faced the issue of undercover police provoking violence and their response was to condemn violence, which worked great. The Palestinians should try it.

  6. There are so many things that you can say about this, but I think that the most important takeaway from this is that the kids on the bus may realize what they are up against and that the IDF is needed to protect them. The BTS folks, on the other hand, have their unshakable world view, so this doesn’t enter into their reality. No government is perfect, no country is perfect, no military is perfect–but there are ways to handle issues that are better than their approach.

  7. I'd say that it couldn't have happened to a more suitable bunch, but there's probably a line of others that are as traitorous. I mean, what do you call a Prime Minister who sees that he has millions of overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinians he has the legal right & moral obligation to repatriate back over the borders of Jordan & Egypt, but instead gives them aid and comfort?

  8. Do not feed the troll by engaging with it. It justifies its, otherwise meaningless, existence by the number of direct responses it gets from saying provocative things in a provocative manner.
    When he's done here, he'll likely wander over to a BDShole site and pretend to be snarky militant Zionist.

    There's nothing to stop us, however, from discusing, amongst ourselves, what a pathetic loser this sort of person is.

  9. Que les den, lastima no hubiesen mas lesionados
    Porque es su deber, pero asco debe darle a los soldados tener que cuidar de esa banda de asquersos traidores que apoyan a quien quiere destruir las libertades de occidente porque no olvidemos que los palestinos reciben mucha pasta de lis arabes que quieren acabar con toda cultura que no sea la suya.

  10. I also do not agree with their exaggerated international exposure, I think they should focus on solving IDF’s problems at home. But this article is so tendencious. It connects two things that are not connected at all, contributing to the cheap propaganda of ultra-nationalists in detriment of Israel’s democracy. And look at these comments. They almost brought me to tears, people seem to be blind.

  11. Goolam Dawood You are a worthless muslim. Pretty much the whole world hates you by now, some are just afraid that you will blow something up and pretend to give a . Even your own people hate each other and kill each other in huge numers-we don't even have to try! Ghoul Ham, LOL. ANd what are you doing in the apartheid South Africa then? Hypocrite.

  12. Natalija Mirksjaja Natalija Mirksjaja Yes, there were some atheists who nevertheless believed that Eretz Israel was the rightful home of the Jews. But Israel wasn't built by them. It started (and continued) with others: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob (Israel), Rachel, Leah, Joseph, Deborah, King David, King, Solomon, Abigail, Ruth, Isaiah, Esther, Hillel, Rabbi Akiva, Rashi, Maimonides, Nachmonides, Disraeli, Theodore Herzl, David Ben Gurion, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu. And so many more. Please forgive me for those I left out.

  13. Natalija Mirksjaja Natalija, if God really does exist, would you want to know about it? I mean would it be possible for you to take the agnostic position that, although doubtful, perhaps one should allow herself to at least have a doubt in her mind, so that she could explore the possibility? Weigh the pros and cons: If God DOES exist and I choose NOT to believe, the consequences are much worse than if there is NO God and I choose to believe anyway. (See Blaise Pascal's "The Wager."

  14. Three students from Hebrew University?

    Isn't that the same institution ( DONORS TAKE NOTE:) that several years ago gave First Prize of Honor to a "thesis" submitted by a (female) Hebrew U student "proving" the anti Arab racism of the IDF because of the unforgivably low rate of rape of Arab women by Jewish IDF soldiers, who are obviously too disgusted by Arab women, and filled with racist hatred, to rape them (!!!!) ?

    THIS CRAZY STORY IS TRUE. And afterward, when uncovered, the University had to go through contortions to explain it away to us foreigners, who just don't get it.

  15. We ask why do the people that the students cry about hurt them and the ones that they blame, peotect them? The ones that protect them are doing so because they care about all people and not just themselves. The ones that are hurting people do so because they don't care about even themselves.

  16. Laura, unfortunately there is no satisfying answer here. In the current case, members of the IDF chose to do what was right. In the holocaust, the Germans followed their evil inclination and were not under the control of God. This only makes sense in light of God's granting us free will. He doesn't come in and remove man's evil; he lets it play out.

    But what did happen as a result of the pain, horror, torture and devastation, was nevertheless a miracle — i.e., the advent of the modern state of Israel. No other nation has reclaimed the greatness they once had, revived their ancient language, and once again lived and thrived in the land of their ancient ancestors. To see, in my own generation, the fulfilment of an age-old promise (the Covenant between God and Abraham) being filfilled and carried out, has been no less than a miracle.

    To some this may seem like heresy, or at the very least, they may find it offensive. I just can't help but think, if it hadn't been for the Holocaust, there would be no Israel today, no fulfillment of God's promise and Covenant.

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